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  1. jayfreefly


    This is part of a complete rig stolen from the PD team at the 2013 US CP nationals at Skydive City.
  2. jayfreefly


    This is part of a complete rig that was stolen from the PD team during the US CP nationals
  3. jayfreefly


    This is part of a complete rig that was stolen from the PD team during the US CP nationals
  4. jayfreefly


    This is part of a complete rig that was stolen from the PD team during the US CP nationals
  5. FLCPA Meet #1 / Skydive City Z-Hills / February 2-3 FLCPA Meet #2 / Skydive City Z-Hills / March 2-3 FLCPA Meet#3 / Raeford Parachute Center / April 13-14 CRCPL Comp1 / Skydive Sacramento / April 20th, 2013 FLCPA Meet #4 / Skydive City Z-Hills / May 4-5 US CP Nationals / Skydive City Z-Hills / May 6-12 Danish Nationals / NJFK Jutland / May 18 - 20 FLCPA Meet #5 / Skydive The Farm / June 1-2 Black Mountain CP comp / Zwartberg, Belgium / June 21-23 CRCPL Comp2 / Skydive Sacramento / June 29th, 2013 CRCPL Comp3 / Skydive Sacramento / July 13th, 2013 CSPA Canadian Nationals / Nouvel Air Skydiving, Farnham, Quebec / July 18-20 Pink Open / Skydive Pink, Klatovy, CZ / August 15-18 CP World Cup / Kolomna, Russia / August 24-29 4rd "PARA-SKUF" Association Canopy Piloting Open Cup / Kiev, Ukraine / September 5 - 8 CRCPL Comp4 / Skydive Sacramento / September 21st, 2013 BPA British Nationals & Open / Dunkeswell, UK / 20-22 Sept French Nationals / Castelnau Magnoac, France / 27-29 Sept SunPath Products Canopy Open, Raeford Parachute Center, October 10-13, 2013 Fly-Free...
  6. 2nd Dubai International Parachuting Championship - January 5-17 FLCPA Meet #1 Skydive Deland - January 29 Australian CP Nationals @ Sydney Skydivers - February 16-20 FLCPA Meet #2 Skydive City Z-Hills - March 26 FLCPA Meet #3 Skydive Palatka - April 16 1st Open CP Kiev Cup DZ Borodianka, Ukraine 1-4 May - www.paraskuf.com.ua FLCPA Meet #4 Raeford Parachute Center - May 14 NCCPA Meet #1 Skydive Sacramento, - May 21 1st Ukranian CP Nationals - DZ Borodyanka, Ukraine - June 7-10 - www.paraskuf.com.ua FLCPA Meet #5 Skydive The Farm - June 11 Belgium Black Mountain Swoop Comp - June 11-13 NCCPA Meet #2 Skydive Sacramento, - June 18th Russian Canopy Piloting Nationals - June 22-25 German Swooping Open and British Nationals at RAPA - July 7-9 2nd Open CP Paraskuf Cup DZ Borodyanka, Ukraine - July 14 - July 17 - www.paraskuf.com.ua Canadian CP Nationals - Edmonton Skydive Centre - July 15-17 NCCPA Meet #3 Skydive Sacramento, - July 23 PD Big Boy Pants World record breaking event Longmont, CO July 28-31 Pink Open/Czech Nationals/Austrian Nationals - August 12-14 NCCPA Meet #4 Skydive Sacramento, - August 13 6th World Cup in Canopy Piloting and the 2nd European Canopy Piloting Championships in KLATOVY, CZECH REPUBLIC - August 22-27 USPA CP Nationals SD Spaceland - August delayed to => September 14-17. Italian Swoop Fest, Open Competition, FlyGang Molinella, Italy 15-18 September French Open, "SWOOP CONTEST CASTELNAU n°2", 23-25 september, (AIR65 dot com) 3rd Dubai International Parachuting Championships and Gulf Cup - 29 November - 10 December 2011 Fly-Free...
  7. I have been jumping HMA 300 since 2001, about 5000 jumps worth. I reline at about 200 jumps OR LESS. I have broken at least 20 lines over the years with 11 of them breaking during one opening. the more damage they take the sooner they need replacing. Water, sand, dust, dirty hands, dirty packing area, UV, differing types of slider grommets, it all contributes. The game is simple, if your going to race... you put new tires on your ride every time. Only a fool would put old tires on a race car and expect them to last the distance. If you are not competing you really don't need to be using the smallest lines. Unless of course you don't mind relining your gear every 180 jumps or so... Fly-Free...
  8. FYI, There is a petition to the USPA in place set a minimum time between the selection meet and the world level competition. Not sure if this will effect this selection process or not but it is directly related to this issue. I'm sure more info on this will be available soon. Fly-Free...
  9. Duriing a series of almost 100 test jumps and while wearing multiple x4 data loggers supplied by airtec (cypres) I was able to reach a top (vertical) speed of 106.2 mph. This was during a 810 deg turn started at 1500ft while jumping a 71 (velo proto) at a wing loading of about 3.5-1. When jumping a 96 Velo at 2.5-1 starting a 810deg turn at 1500ft I was able to reach a top speed of 90.7 mph. My average speeds were approx 85mph. Note: these were the highest speeds recorded during testing and do not reflect anything close to normal speeds reached by average pilots All jumps were performed at sea level. Fly-Free...
  10. Smelled kinda fishy, glad I double checked. No Deal Cherry! Fly-Free...
  11. this is the only time I can remember that you didn't make me smile. Fly Free my friend. Fly-Free...
  12. No way TJ holds that title, Jim is a shoe in for that one, any day of the week. Fly-Free...
  13. I suggest Sunpaths 24 inch risers with "Swoop loop" dive loops. You can trust I have experimented dozens of designs and these are by far my favotites. They have the best combination of funtionality and duribility. Enjoy. J Fly-Free...
  14. Bro, sorry to hear about Adam... I saw something about a BASE accident on the news here in Brazil but it was in Portuguese so I temporarily dismissed it... until I got your email. Then I did some quick research and found what you (Douggs) wrote about Adams accident on dropzone.com! (respect) First, I must say I am dissapointed to have lost another friend and someone I was lucky enough to meet and jumped with and witnessed to live his life without or (with-less) fear. (respect) Second, I have to say I am sadly not surprised... I hope the things you had to say get through to your fellow Aussie's and newer jumpers in general as well as our friends, colleeges and students alike, and people start paying a little more respect for the rules... (I didn't write them... they are just there!) I don't imply to poke a the attitudies or styles of Adam or Comsbey or Slim or Dwane or Jason or Darcy or... (please don't join this seemingly popular list!). But more-so the whole "Aussie" BASE mentality. And maybe its the becoming the whole "NEW SCHOOL" BASE attitude in general! It's hard for me to use this quote, as at times I may have been considered to be one... but even if it is just to remind myself. "There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are NO old bold pilots" Some of us (many times myself) have been lucky enough to get away with our lives, on many number of occasions... some us have not been so lucky. Leading others to your death and eventually their own is not necessarily leading.... its more of a lemming effect!!! I don't want to come across as wanting to hold back the development of this or any sport, I just want people to realize that sometimes things need to move forward with more thoughts than guts, and more caution than raw fearlessness. It is the responsibility of every jumper to instill good habits and good ethics on themselves and thereby set the model for others. I'm upset with the mounting numbers of apparently needless deaths... there is a time and a place for everything and with some good common sense it is not hard to recognize when it is time and when it is not... every BASE jumper needs to read this and sometimes on a regular basis, http://hometown.aol.com/base194/myhomepage/base_fatality_list you will probably learn something that could save your life. I love this crazy sport and I want others to be able to experience it too. It is our (everyone's) responsibility to teach the way to live through it first! And the way to look cool doing it second. And keep it that way! Please do your best to be safe while having fun out there in the big bad world. Being a little scarred and taking the time to separate your self from your ego is what will most likely keep you alive. As I started to write this it was a simple few words to a friend with a mutual loss, but as I finish it I realize it has become words to a whole community and maybe just my way to vent. Peace and light to all... fly-free! Pass this on how ever or to whom ever you think may benefit from it, if you wish. "officially" vented.... thanks for being you! J Fly-Free...