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  1. We at Strong Enterprises have so much to say and yet words at this moment are elusive. Jyro was everything everyone knew him to be. I can only say, ‘Love for real, not fade away.’ Goodbye for now Jyro. Marcie
  2. $12.99 plus shipping for the Tandem Side Spin Phenomenon DVD. I have them in stock. [email protected]
  3. It's a funny comment on that picture for sure but it should be said that the Ted I knew respected women, all women. His Wife Marcie told me "Ted loved women, revered in fact, women, like so few men whom are free of guilt and weird commitments are willing to do". So yes I believe Ted may have laughed a little if he read the comment on the photo but then he would have took it down and put it in his pocket, as so not to offend. We all miss you Ted but a piece of you remains in all of us! Mike Rinaldi
  4. Ted’s wife Marcie, his two children, and eight grandchildren, as well as his extended family (the Strong Enterprises employees) would like to thank everyone for the many kind words, cards, arrangements and support shown during the past two weeks. Ted was larger than life not only within Strong Enterprises but throughout the industry worldwide. His ideas, expertise, and smile will be greatly missed but never forgotten. The company that he created and loved is here to stay and will continue to make him proud! We’re working on finishing current projects including: • The New Tandem System which is in the TSO process • The TSO of our 30ft. round reserve for pilot emergency use • Finalizing the Icarus canopy approval • A newly designed website with exciting new features • Continuing to improve the Dual Hawk Tandem System All while constantly creating new and innovative products living up to the name "The parachute company with imagination" Due to the amount of people who have expressed interest in attending services we are currently planning on holding a celebration of Ted’s life around the time of the “Skydive Expo” which is scheduled April 3-8th, 2012. This gives people from around the world time to make arrangements and also gives the added benefit of attending the Expo. This is also a perfect time to celebrate Ted’s life since April 5th is the anniversary of his first jump in 1958 and April 7th his birthday. We always look forward to hearing from everyone. Thank You!
  5. "An incident has occurred during a Military training exercise. We can make no further comments until the investigation is complete"
  6. Ted Strong D-16 4/7/1936-10/14/2011 A visionary from the beginning and a man with an enormous heart passed away on Friday. There are too many stories to write about the legend that is Ted Strong. Ted strived to improve the industry that he loved without seeking fame or credit. He just wanted a safer and more inviting environment for everybody to enjoy and experience skydiving the way he did. Ted Strong started skydiving in 1958, entered the US Army in 1959 with 100 jumps, and was stationed at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY for two years. His duty there was to coach the USMA Cadet Parachute Team and the West Point Sport Parachute Club. In 1961 Ted started Strong Enterprises, a parachute company in his parents basement. He began by modifying round parachutes, sewing and making anything his friends needed to skydive. A friend once said “ Ted Strong’s company wasn’t there to make money, but to make parachutes for his friends” This quote personified Ted. The industry and the world has lost a wonderful person and those that knew him will miss him dearly. Those that never had the pleasure of meeting him will feel his influence anytime they make a skydive.
  7. Lee is correct. It's just simply inside out. It could have happened in any number of ways but just push the handle in and flip it back. Any questions call me at Strong. Mike Rinaldi (407) 859-9317 [email protected]