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  1. Nice comparison spreadsheet, if you knew the answer to bottom-feeder or not that would be great to add.
  2. That would be the one exception.... We have all seen him in his robe and that is bad enough!
  3. I heard this boogie is clothing-optional. Can anyone confirm? If that is the case, no need for the showers... a hose or two will suffice.
  4. Wow, I just got word of this. I am going to really miss his surprise visits to Rodriguez Brothers boogies... he was a really cool guy who could tell some pretty crazy stories. I think the story Tracy talks about where they took their daughter to a boogie when she was 1st born was the Rodriguez Brothers boogie. I will miss you BeeZee Rodriguez! Pepe
  5. Any existing brother can sponsor you... just do a jump with another brother, and they guide you through the next step. All I can tell you is that it takes place at the "witching hour" and you'll do a ceremonial toast. Bolas, it wasn't the tequila part that scared me... it was the "clothing optional" part! ;-)
  6. This just in: The Rodriguez Brothers Boogie has been approved clothing optional and there will free tequila all weekend. BOLAS: This does not apply to you.
  7. If you decide to expand this list internationally, check out Pitt Meadows, BC. Ocean, Mountains, City... definitely a breathtaking spot.
  8. Ganja, I know PD will be at the boogie. In the past vendors have just shown up at the last minute as well. I expect that the Alti-2 crowd will be at the boogie but I haven't heard that for certain. Antigua has been coordinating vendor participation. All I know is that this will be one wild and crazy boogie. Two CASAs, lots of family ... and the weather is almost certain to be perfect in June. WHO ARE THE PEOPLE GOING TO THE BOOGIE!!!! ;-)
  9. Antigua, you dirty little Carribean-Mexican... Not much time left, can't wait. Family reunion, here we come!
  10. I think Mike is on to something... every other year would be better than having the WFFC be a yearly event. The biggest lure for me and many of the Rodriguez Brothers is the "reunion" aspect of the WFFC.... the RB's were in full force at the convention but we get that kind of turnout at our own boogies as well.
  11. ...and yes Perra, Thursday night is Margarita Movie night. Come by the RB tent and sip Margaritas while you watch RB videos. Pepe
  12. Be on the lookout for this individual at the WFFC... he left yesterday. He's pretty hard to pick out in a crowd though, he blends right in...
  13. The picture you are talking about is attached here Shag, along with an arrow pointing to the EL GRANDE RB TENT.
  14. Hello my son! No need to thank me... it's the brotherhood in general we should be thankfull for! Everyone is pitching in, thank you for your help. This is going to be off the hook!
  15. Nothing but fun and surprises, that's what's in store for the brotherhood this time the WFFC. We have pulled out ALL THE STOPS. This is going to be our biggest year ever - bar none. Last year was pathetic... between the cold and low attendance we vowed to take the WFFC by the balls and turn it into the RBWFFFC! We are having the "Grande" 60' x 30' tent... full of fun, carpet, packers, big screen TV's, sound surround, and more. Let's just say that any brothers who are "on the fence" as to whether or not they are going to come... GET OFF THE FENCE. We will be bringing long and short sleeve shirts which most of you have never seen before... and yes BUMPY BROTHER shirts! Let those bumps loose my brothers!! RB Movie night will be at the RB Tent on Thursday the 11th. We will be showing several of the past entries from the RB Boogies, and yes we will have copies of the DVD's on hand. Other planned activities include Rodriguez Brother DC3 sunset loads, and the largest family picture ever taken. We will take a group photo of all of the RB's at the convention. Don't forget your sombrero's brothers, we have to show them how many of us there really are! W H O - A R E - T H E - R O D R I G U E Z - B R O T H E R S?