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  1. WOW what an incredible week. I so enjoyed, the great vibe. Even with early rain, reminding me of Rantoul.....we finished strong, Lots of loads, Great times, dinners, Jell-O, parties, RB initiations, videos were great. Balloon loads were beautiful. Heli filled in great on Sat. Vendors were wonderful as well as the staff and volunteers. Will post more later, but I am spent. There's Always Room for Jell-O!
  2. It's not just you ballons and helis are fun. If you preregistered for them get the names of the people on the same loads. Then check with the Rodriguez Brothers or myself on trailer row. We can help you meet up before. If you are not signed up find out the requirements when you check in. I am head to the DZ right now!!!!!!!!!!! yeah There's Always Room for Jell-O!
  3. It is evening wear I can live well as others...including yourself. You can always change into what you need later......I've got you Covered! There's Always Room for Jell-O!
  4. Point out the players and i will not give Jell-O or free pour tequila the night before!!!! Bolas I still have your new evening wear in a gift bag from Xmas. There's Always Room for Jell-O!
  5. We all would soooo love to see you guys. I have AC and a dehumidifier in the trailer for daytime relief and a shower. The weather is looking huge heat wave. Jell-O Jell-O 400 done 300 to go! There's Always Room for Jell-O!
  6. Hey Girlie....Perra here. Are you guys able to come to the boogie. I have just started Jell-O 200 done and 400 to go. Diamante is come with a few Team Benton. Crashing at the trailer. I have a Doggy Styles free load on Sat with in flight Scooby snacks. Would so love to see you guys!!!!! There's Always Room for Jell-O!
  7. Hola. I am so excited for this years boogie. Chatted with Diamante and Antigua today. Working on an RB tent, new altar and menu for grilling. WFFC Team Benton will on hand. Jell-O making this weekend. I think I am going for 600 again. Skydiving....YES!!! Doggy Styles will give out Scooby snacks on it's free load....maybe a few Pita chips as well ;-) First Lady Delfina has ordered some glow for the evenings and looking for decor for the tent. Looks like weather is normal. No unusual heat wave coming our way this year!!!!! Can't wait to see old boogie friends and meet new. Elviso are you still coming this way for the boogie??? How about you Cajones??? Who are the Rodriguez Brothers?????? There's Always Room for Jell-O!
  8. Hey Bill, Shaggio and I are making plans to go to the farm for the 4th weekend as well as Robin and Nadia. I think a few others are trying to put it together as well! Too fun if we get to jump together again without work! Give me a ring or we will be at the DZ (SCPC) this weekend. There's Always Room for Jell-O!
  9. Elvisio are you and Priscilla going to make it to the Boogie? The pain I am reliving just from the mention of that contest you supplied. As if the peppers weren't enough the sauce/marinade/brew/pure juice from hell you concocted is still burned into my organs. I will make sure the contest continues if we have any that dare to partake. Hope you can make the Boogie! Who is Diamante Rodriguez? There's Always Room for Jell-O!
  10. Shaggio and I will be there. We must have the same birdie in our yard...rumor has it that Diamante & Memo are coming with other brothers and bumpies 'for sure'. Let the skydiving, grilling, and Jell-O begin! Team Benton please chime in! Amazon Antigua baseknut BGill (most likely) Bigun Bolas It's practically in my backyard... Broke (Anyone wanna ride down in a little toyota?) ChangoEnLosPantalones Rodriguez con el ECU skydive club Chaoskitty -disorganizing CSpenceFLY organizing Delfina Rodriguez Fmmobley Freefalle and others from Team Dirty Sanchez I'm sure gonzalesna -DD: Designated Drinker Katiebear21 Lauraliscious mnealtx (in spirit) monkycndo mouth namgrunt nannerbanner NWFlyer Pepe Rodriguez Perra Rodriguez Popsjumper PsychoBob (whoremonger) Rkymtnhigh(if I'm still in the SE in June) Shaggio Rodriguez Smears Sunshine - keeping upndownshop in line Thanatos340 - Organizing Poker Tournament, Bringing Jello Shots, Chasing Women and ACTUALLY Jumping Tmaricle55 (dragging Clay) upndownshop Fuck the Rodriguez Brothers! There's Always Room for Jell-O!
  11. Here is the info PFuego, I also posted it on the RB board. Hola, I spoke with Ganja's wife Melanie last night. She is having a very difficult time dealing with Ganja's death and has spent the last 6 weeks in counceling including a week in-patient care. And doing her best to tend to the boys. She went back to work today and thinks it would be helpful to hear from friends/brothers of Ganja even if you did not know Melanie personally. Not wanting to overwhelm her but maybe some can jot down her number and give her a ring just to say hi, especially over the holidays, or maybe a card. Melanie Weed 137 Kellers Pond Lane Lexington SC 29072 Home# 803-951-3230 Scott Weed Memorial Fund/FBO Kevin And Jacob Weed c/o First Community Bank 5455 Sunset Blvd Lexington, SC 29072 I am sure they could use some help to the above fund as well for the boys, if at all possible. There's Always Room for Jell-O!
  12. PFuego, I just left a message with Melanie to see exactly what they need at the moment. I don't know if the original info given last month is still correct. I will post as soon as I hear from her. There's Always Room for Jell-O!
  13. Mariposa, Ganja died in a work accident on Monday. He owned a A/C Heating Company. He was on ladders every day. He fell off a ladder and died Monday afternoon. They did check to see if he may have had a heart attack prior to the fall, but the report said he did not. He appently died from the fall. We went to the service on Friday. There is a fund set up for his wife and 2 boys. I will post that info once I confirm the details. There's Always Room for Jell-O!
  14. Skydiving, Work, DZ, Poker, BASE Friend......Rodriguez Brother, a great guy. I should say a lot more but I am sad and tired, so for now this is the pic of Ganja from the RB site. We will be going to the service on Friday. Most important, he is Husband and Father to his Family. Speaking of Family....Who is Ganja Rodriguez????