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  1. My understanding and please correct me if I am wrong. If two hours of tunnel time equals two hours of freefall. Someone with around 240-260 jumps could be an AFF instructor? I like more seasoning on my instructors please. As stated on the survey (All other AFF Instructor requirements would remain, e.g., needing a C license, holding a coach rating for at least 12 months OR having at least 500 jumps, etc.)
  2. when free fall time is used it is used mostly for awards and ratings. So does any amount of tunnel time equal time towards a rating or a skydiving award? My opinion is that tunnel time is tunnel time and skydive freefall time is skydive freefall time. So if the poll is set up to fail I sure hope it fails. I personally LOVE the tunnel but I wish we were talking about continuing education for instructors of any rating. The tunnel is an amazing tool that I plan to use as long as I teach, skydive, and can afford.
  3. Online registration is set up for the VSC Grand Opening Boogie! http://bodacious-event-1392.ticketbud.com/virginia-skydiving-center
  4. from the second you arrive to the time you leave the people make this place the best! The landing area is big, the plane is in new condition, you can even land and swoop a pond!! Picture Lake Campground is just a mile away and they allow you to swoop their pond and it is a great place to have a bon fire and stay for the night.