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  1. The way I think is that if you jumped out of a plane then it counts. Whether strapped to someone else or not. I have never done a tandem tho. I did do 5 static line 'round' jumps before moving on to a couple of Hop 'n' pops then deciding AFF was the way to go. They are all in my logbook signed off by the appropriate instructors. Is the Tandem in your logbook?
  2. Quality.......... Very Funny We had a similar theme, Finger slide & knuckle Bump (as usual) followed by a clenched fist with an open hand (as if to slap someone, with little finger nearest the fist) placed 'vertically' on top. We called it Team Extreme........... ( Open hand for the pink, clenched fist for the stink...... get the drift!! ) We didnt just save this for before exit, it was used in many different and humorous situations usually involving women doing the said manouvre for pictures totally unaware of the meaning!!...... Well, we laughed anyway!! Boys will be Boys.................
  3. Hi All I have just 260 jumps and 3 hours in the tunnel. Most of my jumps have been 'flat'. I would really like to get into 4 way but i just wanted to find out where i can find all the formations, blocks, rules etc. Any info you can give me would be great. Stay Safe, Blue Skies Gaz
  4. 3 of us are hoping to go to genting in april. Any more info on accomodation would be great. such as web sites etc. cant find them for genting on web Are there any DZ's nearby as well?? Altho the tunnel is the reason for going id like to jump in Malaysia as well while we're there. we're all comparative newbies so any info would be great....... Cheers
  5. danger29


    After demo-ing most containers on the market i decided to go for a wings. The customer service i received was outstanding from returning e-mails to sending swatches for colour samples. My container was also ready before the due date i was given. I have now done 120 jumps with the container in the last 2 months and it is great. It fit likes a glove and is so comfortable.........It still looks brand new and is in perfect condition. I am already thinking of purchasing a second rig and there is absolutely no question as to what container i will be getting!!!
  6. Hi aquasky I too am on the october intake. I was meant to go last year but had to postpone due to funds!. All that is in place now and I cant wait. I have been in touch with a few past/present students and also the previous course director. I think that like most things it has taken a while for things to get sorted out and i'm sure they will keep updating and improving as the course continues. For me, the cost alone makes it worthwhile ( compared to 175 coached jumps in the UK) and if you dont get a job then you have just spent 8 months living in what has to be one of the most scenic countries in the world jumping out of planes.... NO Problem!!! I have just under 100 jumps at the mo but that'll be around 150 by the time i get there. ( I'm going to the US on the way to NZ to pick up my new rig etc.) and i'll have atleast and hour, maybe 2 of tunnel time so the course will be personalised so to make the most out of the jumps available. PM me if you have any questions or just wanna say Hi. Blue Skies Gaz
  7. Thanks. Still 2 weeks to wait... Myself and my friend have booked 30 mins with coach each, 15 mins each on both Saturday and Sunday. We both have 70+ jumps so hope ( and I do mean HOPE! ) to maybe get a couple of sessions on the sunday doing coached 2 ways together?, thats if we're not trying to kill or injure ourselves off the walls!! I have just received my confimation from Aerokart, They state that the 15mins tunnel time will be completed over a 2 hour period, which I thought sounds quite reasonable. that also allows us time to sample the local beer, oh yes and food!!
  8. Sorry Paris, Charles de Gaulle.
  9. Hi I am going to Aerokart in 2 weeks, cant wait......... We arrive at 10 at night so what is the best way from the airport to the tunnel? our hotel is right by it. If it's a Taxi, what approx. is the cost? Thanks
  10. What a beautiful thing! ... What is? Getting hard flying on your belly or your picture!
  11. Hi, My friend and I are going to the Aerokart tunnel in Paris in a few weeks. This will be my first time in a tunnel ( Beer......) and I want to know if any body has got any hints or tips? Last week I was jumping in Spain, doing 6 points on a 4 way on sunday then no points on 3 3 way jumps on monday mainly due to backsliding!! Hence the trip to the tunnel. Any Info on the tunnel or Paris would be gratefully received! Cheers
  12. Thanks for all the info Kim. i am now interested in the fact Australia dont accept the Vigil as I am going to New Zealand/Australia for a year, hence all the new equipment. Am i right in thinking I wont be able to use a Vigil in Australia? Although I am staying in NZ, I plan to travel and jump in OZ as well. Any info you can give me on this would be appreciated. I am not in a rush to get my kit as I dont think I will be going until sometime around August so i still have plenty of time to make my mind up!!
  13. I would never buy the Vigil purely because it's cheaper. I've saved long and hard to be able to buy whatever I want. I have used both Cypres and Vigil and was fine with both, I just wanted to know if the problems that Vigil had last year had been sorted. if they have then I would go for the Vigil if not then the Cypres2. Almost everyone i have asked has said the same, If they were buying a year ago, there is no question, Cypres2 but now they would go for Vigil. If I do decide on the Vigil and it's slightly cheaper then great, Why pay more for something that does the same or very similar? But, price is the last thing on my mind. Is it true that some european countries have banned the use of Vigil at their DZ's? I think it was Gerymany that said they didn't like the fact that the Vigil has a tolerance of +/- 80m ( 240ft ) This is the kind of thing I want to find out about.
  14. Thanks all, I'm going to ask around a bit at my DZ for more opinions but i think i'll end up going for the Vigil. That also means the money I save will go towards a shiny new sony PC109....... Stay Safe, Blue Skies