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    I was just forced to go to a 2 hour lunch at Buckeye and drink wine and eat mussels in a red curry sauce, crabcakes, calamari and sereno chilis, chili lime stuffed chicken breast with a chile relleno and polenta cakes followed by baked lemon pudding with brambleberry sauce, port and double espresso .

    Now I have a nice booze and caffeine buzz and only 2 more hours of work to go.

    Ah it sucks to be me.

    Our boss took us to Fogo De Chao for lunch. No booze so my job sucks more than yours :D

  2. My home PC is a

    2.8 GHz P4 800 MHZ Bus speed.
    Intel PBZ Canterwood MB.
    2Gig PC 400 TwinX Corsair Ram.
    120 GB ATA 133 System Drive.
    40 GB ATA 133 Pagefile Drive.
    2x120 SATA RAID 0 Video Drive.
    ATI Radeon 9800 PRO 128 MB Video.
    SB Audigy2 sound card.

    Thermal Take Xaser III Case Black.
    NEC 19" Big Fat Monitor.

  3. I want to go back to the original post and ask a question.

    I totally applaud President Bush for risking his life and going to Iraq to boost the morale of our soldiers. Which I believe is also the point the original email is trying to bring across.

    That aside, I want to get a reaction from the people here on what they think about President Bush not attending the funeral of a single soldier that has fallen.

  4. I made the cardinal mistake. I jumped on a load when the winds had died down but they were high all day.....result broken ankle with some metal in there now.

    I just got off student status and used to sit out loads that students were'nt allowed on. One mistake is all it takes folks to mess up your next 6 months(I am thankful it is'nt worse).

    I hope low time jumpers learn from my bad experience and stay safe.

    Blue Skies Be Safe

  5. Quote

    Well it seems that the number 13 is lucky afterall.

    Sunny, it doesn't matter how many S/L we did, what matters is how great we turned out.

    Both my brother and I are newbies.

    My brother said he did 17 S/L jumps before moving on to AFF. He's doing pretty good in the AFF progression. He jumps at Kapowsin.

    I have not done a single S/L jump. I started with the AFF Level 1 at Lexington, Tx. I then moved on to the STP Solo progression at Spaceland.

    Different places have different ways of instruction.

  6. What do you mean by blew the jump? If you are fit to be on a plane after you "blew" a jump, you had a good jump.

    Don't be thinking I did'nt do what I had to do on this jump(according to the dive flow), every jump you make teaches you something.

    Don't let the dive flow overwhelm you. By your definition I did'nt get the turn jumps(STP/AFP jumps 2 thru 4) right at all. However each jump has helped me relax. I am slowly gaining body position awareness and more importantly am able to relax during the skydive.

    About being scared, I don't know what to do. I am sure everyone here was a little nervous at some point. It's normal.

    Good luck !! I hope you get over the panic.

  7. The only thing I have purchased is an Altimaster Neptune. Yes I am on student status as well. I use it as a visual altimeter and logbook. If you want to or have a need to buy something...this is a good thing to buy.

    Ask your instructor before you buy one.

    Welcome to the sport and the forums!!

    Be Safe!!

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    sweet i'll have to check it out. man i can tell i'm hooked, all i can think about is bein in that otter at 14,500 feet gettin ready to jump hehehe


    Welcome to the forums!!
    I am a newbie from the Houston area as well. I did an AFF Level 1 at Lexington, Tx and 5(yahoo!!) jumps last weekend at Skydive Spaceland. My last jump on Sunday was on the sunset load and we jumped from 14.7K. Awesome!! Definately try and get on the sunset load. It is so beautiful!!

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    Hello Valerina,

    Soooo, how come you stopped eating hot dogs, burgers and such? Not that it is any of my business of course but thought I would barge right in and ask anyway. ;)

    Hello! I stopped eating them because I would sometimes feel ill after having a burger or something. It would feel like 10 pounds of cement in my stomach. I decided that if something (other than alcohol) made me feel that sick, then there was something just not right about it.

    Ooh! Turkey dogs! Good call!

    How do you get that Burger cooked....rare??

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    Yep, non-skydiving friends are thinking, "She's talking about it AGAIN". Every night since my first jump I've had dreams of skydiving.

    I'm ate up. ;)

    Yeap that's the vibe I am getting from my friends too.....

    Welcome Trepel.

    I did my first jump on Oct 5th. Sprained an ankle and I did 5 jumps last weekend. Yahoo!! I look at the blue skies outside and think can I make it to the DZ for one jump today?