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  1. Maybe someone have actual pictures of thoes helmets, I'm interested in liner construction.
  2. pywas

    TI study guide

    I thought about something more specific than youtube videos
  3. pywas

    TI study guide

    And what about the free one ??
  4. pywas

    TI study guide

    Thanks a lot guys, the links are very helpfull ! Maybe someone knows where I can get tandem training video online. Thanks!
  5. pywas

    TI study guide

    I understand that there is the manual for tandem rigs, with emergency procedures described, I studied thoes. Now I just want to find something similar to AFP manual, if it exists, compare them and try to learn as much as I can. But thanks anyway
  6. pywas

    TI study guide

    Ok, so I planing to get tandem rating in future. I tried to find some handbook or manual of tandem emergency procedure or a TI study guide. I only manage to locate AFP "TM handbook". Maybe someone knows where to find more of thoes? Thanks!
  7. Nevermind. There are countries where having TSO on H/C and reserve is not a must, and more DIY is allowed.... Yes it is, and Lithuania one of thoes. We have plenty of russian gear in service, and this reserve handle looks like a serious safety issue to me. Simple scenario, stitching of the loop, that holds metal cable, gets damaged by sharp edge of the tube... I'm sure the rest is obviosus
  8. Please name the manufacturer of this reserve handle.
  9. I think it's not a best place to ask about Russian gear on Try russian forums, the Flamingos are commonly used there. Besides it's too late to ask, as you already flying it
  10. Hi, maybe some one knows where is the label on Dolphin of Dolphin student is placed ? Thanks!
  11. Maybe some one knows, does manufacturers give discount for US military only, or it goes to any allyed forces ?
  12. I guess you don't get it, if an AFF instructors like freeflying, they don't teach their students to sitfly at AFF course, it's not safe, the same thing goes to tandems...
  13. Holy shit...! I remember the bounce bingo with your name in the firs line, but now I think you are truly a few steps ahead of the other competitors...