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  1. BASE jumpers fined after leaping from Q1 building By Christine Flatley May 01, 2007 12:45pm TWO BASE jumpers have been fined $750 each after launching themselves off the world's tallest residential tower, the Q1 building on the Gold Coast. Christopher McDougall, 31, and Daniel Aldridge, 25, both from Wollongong, pleaded guilty today in the Southport Magistrates Court to unlawful BASE jumping from a building. The court was told the pair, who are both professional skydivers and BASE jumpers, turned up to Q1 early in the morning with a ground crew in March this year. Once there they simply walked up the internal stairs and jumped out of an unknown unit on the northern side of the Surfers Paradise building. A witness who saw them get into a white van after the jump notified police. The men were taken into the Surfers Paradise police station where they made full admissions. The court was told neither were aware BASE jumping was illegal in Queensland but neither would confirm this outside court. In sentencing, Magistrate Catherine Pirie said she took into account that the pair had shown remorse and had not meant any harm. However, she berated them for failing to gain permission from Q1 management or to enquire about the legality of BASE jumping in Queensland. "The Q1 is in the middle of Surfers Paradise and it's one of the busiest places on the Gold Coast," she said. Magistrate Pirie did not record a conviction after accepting it would limit the men's opportunities to travel overseas for skydiving and BASE jumping competitions. Outside court, McDougall said he and Aldridge were happy with the decision. "We respect the court's decision," he said. "We are actually going to keep working towards getting legal events held in Australia. "We're treated as world-class sportsmen elsewhere in the world and we just want to do that here safely and legally." Five Australians have died in BASE (Building, Antennae, Span, Earth) jumping accidents in the past three years and many have been injured.
  2. It's full of shit, on the trailer they show Norway big wall footage while saying "It's Illegal". Suprise suprise, Channel 9 is always the bloody same, at least the ABC had the balls to show something supportive on Australian Story a while back.
  3. Brodes

    F1 vs. Human

    These answeres suck people! Where are the dz physicists?? I want to hear how your body would get ripped apart due to the ground effects/downforce!! or something like that...
  4. I bought DJ equipment the same time time i started jumping, and im now selling that stuff off. Much to the disgust of my whuffo friends but who needs them hey
  5. Brodes

    F1 vs. Human

    If I was to lay in a shallow ditch, and have an F1 car drive over the top at maximum speed, what would happen to me?? This question has perplexed me for a long time, and you crazy bunch of people are probably the best to ask for an answer
  6. Great show, good to see the ABC being unbiased and supporting jumpers. Check out the Australian Story guestbook for all the great whuffo comments....
  7. I just had a 2 month layoff between my last SOS gear jum and my own orientation jump and i was scared shitless, but once i was in the air it was all fun again and the safety procedures became 2nd nature just 'cos im having so much fun
  8. Australia!! But soon to be New Zealand with any luck
  9. Ive been packing since about jump 15, my first one was a student rig and my CI hop'n'popped it from 3000 to test it out. His girlfriend was standing next to me, im not sure who was more nervous!! Now i pack every jump, it's so easy when you know how!
  10. Oh, cabin pressure of course! Thanks!
  11. Quick one....Will my Alti3 be ok at high altitudes when i fly on a jet? or will it just go around and around till it breaks..
  12. Cheat to get BASE rig L R L1 L2 R1 R2 R2 U D R L1 Im off to open some points
  13. Well that just gives you time to plan it! Seriously, try and get your AFF out the way it only gets better!!!
  14. Sell your wife and use the money to do AFF and buy a rig!
  15. I love telling my workmates that 'I just had a quiet one.." when asked about my weekends