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  • After been told by JAX DZO that the PAC 750XL was going to be at Herlong and heard that also it will be at St. Mary's, I decided to call Ray Ferrell and ask.
    He said that he had contacted JAX but it appear to him that it was not much interest there, he was then contacted by Glenn Bangs, who got him in touch with St. Mary's owner, Bobbi Owens who worked out the details to show the plane at her DZ. The dates that the plane will be at St. Mary's are very clear. The first thread says it will at St. Mary's from Jan 14-18, then this new thread says, the dates are from Jan 13-16 ??? :S If it's going to be in Herlong or not, I guess that still up in the air.
    Bobbi called me tonight and I decided to check the plane at her place, on my way back home on Friday, Jan 14th. B|

  • As far as the legal right to force the ad off, we are working on that...I just don't understand why the owners of a well estabilished DZ, see the need to mislead the public. We are at least 6 hrs away from their facility.
    About the #1 on the search engines below the "sponsored sites": That is a lot work and time invested to be, legitimately, on top of the list.