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  1. Skydivers living in Statesboro are jumping at Skydive Atlanta, in Thomaston, GA.
    We also, drive to Skydive Palatka, Skydive Tallahassee, Skydive Deland.
    For New Year's, we are in Z-Hills and mark your calendar for the Dublin Boogie in March. That is Dublin, GA. B|

  2. Better this way:
    August 26 Boobie Fest!! It's all about the girls.
    $120 all you can jump weekend for girls only. Guys pay regular price. One rig per registration fee.
    Chocolate fondue fountain and champagne.
    Organizing by Brie Allaman.
    Extracted from Skydive Atlanta's website Events page. B|

  3. This is what we know so far...From the USPA website.
    "Donald K. Yahrling, D-4077, passed away November 23, 2005, of natural causes in his rigging loft on the DeLand airport in Florida. Known for his work as a parachute rigger, jump pilot and AFF course director, Yahrling served ten terms on USPA’s Board and was president during his last term in 2001-2002. Few provided more attention to USPA’s safety & training programs than Yahrling, and he traveled extensively teaching skydiving courses at more than 125 drop zones worldwide. No funeral service announcement has been made yet. "...