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  1. It was sad leaving for our flight to the UK from LAX yesterday afternoon, there was not a cloud in the sky - typical!
  2. News/ scores available here-
  3. We built a 52 way Red Cross on Sunday over Langar Airfield UK which was held for over 10 seconds
  4. Boogie II at Langar, British Parachute schools near Nottingham would be worth a visit. Its 9-16 September and usually has a skyvan, 2 caravans and a beech 99.
  5. Yeah, Vicky and I were on Milko's invitational jumps. We had a complete 70 way but the 2nd point had a couple of dropped grips - so no new record The 80 way wasn't quite complete but was a lot of fun ,awesome visuals from the trail planes
  6. The weather last weekend was not great - there were a few holds due to cloud / fog both days. I still managed 5 jumps over the weekend on the big way jumps. Obviously the formation loads are going to take longer but the Beech was flying a lot of loads (we would take off for the formation loads in the skyvans and the beech would take a load to altitude, drop and then pick up the jumpers for the formation load). Had a great time both weekends
  7. You can see some of the pics via Willys site at
  8. I think there is definitely a lot of interest in setting a new UK record and plenty of talent - if we can do a 63 way with 10 seconds to spare from 13500
  9. Happy Birthday Tash - hope you have fun!
  10. Square one used to sell them - it is a toy parachute man or girl with a pilot chute type parachute - gave our 5 year old hours of fun!
  11. Thanks Arlo Olivia has not quite come back down to earth yet! She is already planning our return trip in 2008 and is desperate to get into the UK tunnels (bit like her mother ). I was so thrilled we got a mention in the House of Commons, I have been canvasing all my friends to get their local MP to support the motion.
  12. Libby was on our 4 way line - she is probably in her early fifties at the most - she rocks
  13. Taz is really great, she has worked so hard keeping track of our Britchicks account details and has kept me sane when I couldn't work out the numbers on the excel sheet. She is such a talented skydiver - and multi-talented too - she is going to the CRW World record in Lake Wales next month as well. Love ya Taz
  14. Great pictures Mary. I am the fly like a girl person! Us Brit Chicks just got home this afternoon, about 6 of us on the same BA flight - needless to say we were all quietly happy - What a week