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  1. 0) When the Team Wife comes home from work and gets out of her car, she does not want a hug, she wants a BEER!
  2. Also, I'm sure everyone is hoping Craig and I will sing "I Got You Babe" again. We are such GOOD singers!
  3. The condom from 1978 is believable, but I think you are making up the part about the AA chip. There is NO WAY anyone in that crowd made two weeks. Also, I need the rx number off that valium before Ken Oka cup.
  4. Orygun is likely home resting now and too tired to post his new complaints. This weekend he changed the brake pads on my car, swept my kitchen floor, cleaned dishes and in general helped clean up after a party. His training is going well. Pretty soon we may let him jump.
  5. Actually, you best be moving your ass to the hardware store, fixing the shower, taking out the garbage and rubbing my feet!
  6. Wow, you must have been a really good boy!
  7. The love of skydivers never ceases to amaze me
  8. No, we would prefer you stay away from the goats. The electric fence is not to keep the goats in, but to keep the skydivers out! top The SoCal guys are more into sheep anyway.
  9. Anyone that knows you just snorted and spit out their coffee.
  10. So your the guy that was running around the goat pen with a BBQ fork. Tsk Tsk.
  11. Hey now, lets not be be ruining the reputations of my dear, sweet goats. I don't mind abusing skydivers, but I take good care of those goats. That electric fence is not to keep the goats in, it keeps the skydivers out!
  12. I just wish you would stop giving the bill collectors MY number. The guy who rotated the tires on your trailer is real pissed.