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  1. Im going to be learning to do CRW in Perris Valley later this Month and wondering if Anyone has any beginner tips? im reading but it seems pretty old, and people whove been in it a long time id figure have some good pointers, besides getting familiar with the canopy and practice which are obviously both essential thanks
  2. Hey Everyone, ive been in the sport since about july of Last Year, Got my Class A Licence in Eloy Arizona where ive done about 50 of my jumps and another 7 ish till i ran out of Money in Kamloops, BC. Eventually once ive got a lot more Jumps and Experience i want to get into base jumping. But for right now im Lovin the Sport and Cant wait to jump some more. Heading to Abbotsford to Jump there in Feb / March, if anyones from the area!
  3. So from what I Understand The difference between a 9 Cell Canopy and a 7 Cell is that: 7 Cells fall faster but have less of a Glide and 9 Cells have more of a Glide but less of a fall rate? ive only really jumped student rigs and about 20 jumps on a Sabre 2 9 cell which i liked. and I would like to Purchase a Rig in the future. ive heard pros and cons and im gonna demo some once the winter is over. so im just wondering if that is what the major difference is, Thanks