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  1. Um, this BASE board has gotten way out of control. I use one account, using my real name, and you can have it. Fuck you all, I'm out. Enjoy the internet, maybe when that BASE video game comes out, we can share a virtual exit point, and have a virtual BASE jump together. In the mean time, I'll just keep jumping lots and meeting cool BASE jumpers in person. And it isn't a crack pipe, its for weed... --------------- Peter BASE - The Ultimate Victimless Crime
  2. Whatever, this isn't about me. Are you saying that you only use one user name, or that you have several to spice up your little board, and post things with the other one that you would never type under your moderator account? As far as Crestfall, direct those towards Jeremy. It is possible for several BASE jumpers to use the same computer. Odds are, we're either jumping every night together, or winded/frozen out together. But, nice to see that you spend the time and energy finding out what computer I log in from. Or can Crestfall and I be banned for 60 days for something so simple? Don't worry, once the snow melts, I'll be away from the computer again... --------------- Peter BASE - The Ultimate Victimless Crime
  3. Isn't this whole post about Tom A and some of the RB/LT crew not liking Tom? And a demonstration of the fagginess of the internet? How can Clif be banned for 60 days (like him or not, agree with him or not) for posting a BASE ski event, while Tom the moderator still uses several login accounts and preaches about anti-hypocracy and ethics? It seems that personal feelings will always get involved with discussions about ethics. And the internet is literally the last place that most BASE jumpers should be forming their decisions from. Ethics have nothing to do with the fact that Felix has a negative connotation, and Jeb wears a white hat. I don't know either one of them, but the action of jumping in France's capitol city, off a landmark like that, in the daytime, is unethical, and no different than anything else that Felix has done. The action is unethical. However, none of us could do it if we wanted because I need all my gear unconfiscated, and can't afford to replace it. If it wasn't snowing today, I would have kept the jumping every night streak. Instead I am here reading about other BASE jumpers define a word. Ethical and unethical are easy to figure out- When someone is telling you a story about someone jumping something, wait until you've made your decision before you find out who it was. Yawn, I wouldn't have put this much thought into a school paper. And Jimmy, if you're really 35 and hitting a 18ish year old girl, see if she has friends out here. --------------- Peter BASE - The Ultimate Victimless Crime
  4. I'll help you, CJ... Clicky --------------- Peter BASE - The Ultimate Victimless Crime
  5. Damn, another dropzone stunt that I didn't think of first. Is this legal? Can I do this repeatedly this weekend? --------------- Peter BASE - The Ultimate Victimless Crime
  6. So, a couple things I've learned that you might or might not know, and might or might not help you in your adventures... Pretty much when the moon is new (none), the next day, you will be able to see a sliver or the new growing moon, right behind the sunset. Roughly every night, the new, growing moon will set about an hour after the sun will set. When the moon is half full, it will set about six hours after the sun. On the full moon, it will rise at about the same time that the sun is setting. (Watch the sun set in the west, and the moon will be directly behind you, rising) And it will be overhead at midnight, and visible most all of the night. When the moon is growing, fun can most easily be had in the evenings and early mornings. When it is shrinking, it'll be a night jump before sunrise. If you remember what the moon phase is, simply size and if it is waxing (growing) or waning (shrinking), you will be able to make rough and reliable predictions of where it is and what it will be doing. For example, today is roughly the 8th day in the cycle, and it is about 60% and growing. Just after sunset as I type this, the moon is about an hour away from being directly overhead, and will set in about 7 hours. And daylight savings sucks, and the being overhead at midnight thing is variable on the sun rising and setting at approx the same time in the morning and night. Just like the sun won't be overhead at noon. And yes I know, in some places at some times, that will be true. I just don't want someone to point that out later, where we get into a huge discussion. BTW, I call them "chutes" and you can't stop me. --------------- Peter BASE - The Ultimate Victimless Crime
  7. The moon is only "full" at a specific time every cycle. It doesn't matter what time zone, country, etc. (There will be ultra-minor angular differences, however negligible) The full moon will be theoretically overhead at midnight, on the night of the full moon. Just like the full moon will be rising just as the sun is setting. There is plenty to read about the cycles of the moon, plenty of simple calcualtions, rise/set for the sun and moon, at any point on the planet, etc... --------------- Peter BASE - The Ultimate Victimless Crime
  8. Great idea Chris! If you are afraid of masking tape not tearing when a 280 sqft canopy is exploding open, maybe you could try the long paper labels that dz's put on VHS tapes. That will hold your lines just like Chris said, and the fear of "masking tape hangup" should go away.. --------------- Peter BASE - The Ultimate Victimless Crime
  9. I am thinking more and more that a tech-only forum shouldn't be a BASE subforum, as much as the stupid high-fiving and silliness should be within a subforum. Take a look at what the most recent posts have been about, and how many hits they receive. My jump partners and I aren't worried about BASE video games, or exit points in San Andreas. I don't want to wade through mindless chit chat, I just want to read other jumpers technical problems and solutions. I am actually very surprised that most BASE jumpers are content with the mixed forum, there is very little to learn and just a place for kids to log in and check the drama. --------------- Peter BASE - The Ultimate Victimless Crime
  10. I know Tom, I know. And for all of the BASE community, THANK YOU! I don't think that Sangiro will object to BASE jumpers having a forum to discuss BASE problems. In fact, I bet that he would have hoped that we would have used it for exactly this. Hasn't it grown on, to the point that discussions about BS are second to simple information about safety? Who do I need to talk to about getting a technical-only forum? I have a couple people that I know are interested on contributing. Thanks Tom, The new C-Crew --------------- Peter BASE - The Ultimate Victimless Crime
  11. So, there aren't really too many posts lately that would have helped me where I was two years ago. I learned a lot by reading and learning all that I could, mostly here and on blinc. I know that a lot of people are doing the same, but I propose a technical forum that wouldn't have people giving each other high fives online, no local drama, stupid posts asking how to start jumping. Just a place to exchange information without cutdowns and hostility? Some of the rules would be that unless you have a question about somebody else's answer, have experience doing it, or another useful idea or piece of information, you would just read and learn. Tom, I would even volunteer to moderate this. --------------- Peter BASE - The Ultimate Victimless Crime
  12. Thats cool, as co-President the Westminster BASE Association, I am proud to announce that Tom A, Shane M, and Miles D are "Westminster People of the Day". No word on tomorrow, but hopefully that should satisfy someone, and we can get back to jumping... If cresTfall isn't working too hard, maybe he can chime in and give you all congrats too! PS What has happened to this forum? Hey WPOD Tom- Can we make a BASE technical subforum? PPS Shane- Some people really take this site seriously. I agree, sometimes its funny, but the smiles aren't worth the potential brain hemorrhages, strokes, and other serious medical conditions from high blood pressure that often result from your posts... --------------- Peter BASE - The Ultimate Victimless Crime
  13. Which will continue to be the problem. I don't know Robin, but Bryan's observations are similar to many others in BASE that have been around for a while. We need a "leader" or point man, maybe an attorney, that the majority of the BASE community believes in, and supports completely. Otherwise, all of this mistrust and internal bickering will defeat us forever. The ABP is a great idea, and a lot of people were very excited on its creation. Seems like now it is a rogue group that has minimal support. This NPS silliness needs to end ASAP. I am just about ready to buy a velcro rig and a Raven, jump ElCap in a stars and stripes jumpsuit, with an American flag hanging off my ankle, and let a couple of attorneys use it to demonstrate this injustice. Tom, any realistic ideas for an attorney that would be willing to take this cause? --------------- Peter BASE - The Ultimate Victimless Crime
  14. I nominate Tom Aiello!!!!!! He usually has answers within 15-20 minutes of a question getting posted... I am still having issues even acknowledging the NPS and their rules. Who the f- are these jokers anyways? BASE, a truly victimless crime... --------------- Peter BASE - The Ultimate Victimless Crime
  15. On most As, you will find a 3/8" steel cable running from the top to the bottom. If you have a cable grab, you can clip into this and drag it behind you, not having to think about it. However, if you fall, it cams shut and stops the fall. There are much better designs out there. We got the idea a while back, mostly since I get more scared climbing ladders and falling off than the jump itself, especially when the ladders get cold. And they work especially great for freestander outside peg climbs. The best one I have found is the DBI SALA Lad-Saf. I have several (8) that I bought on ebay, gave most of them away to my BASE friends. They cost around $500 new, thanks to OSHA, but I got mine in excellent condition for about $30 if I remember correctly. And please, lets not make this too complicated. All of these devices will work. I have tried 4 designs, and OSHA made sure that they are ok before I played with them. However, the SALA ones are pretty sweet, quick on and off. PM for more info, but this stuff really is a no-brainer... I am always amazed that these As also serve a purpose other than me jumping off... Pretty incredible... --------------- Peter BASE - The Ultimate Victimless Crime