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  1. I ordered a canopy from PD in November. I was told I could expect the canopy by mid January. In early February, I checked on my canopy and was told there were supply problems with white canopy material. My dealer was as forthcoming as they could, but it seemed to me that PD was doing a very poor job talking to their customers about the circumstances. Earlier this week, I sent an email to PD asking for more specifics. I got a reply saying they were having problems and had a big back log. I was told orders were filled on a first in first out basis, but no estimate was given when I could expect my canopy. I did get an email from my dealer right after saying PD was hoping to have an updated time table out soon. I still have no idea when I can expect my canopy. I paid in full for my canopy in November. Whatever the problems are, PD failed to keep its customers in the loop. People are down on what they are not up on. Hope i hear something soon.
  2. Probably would need your services after the landing.
  3. Thanks to everyone for their guidance. This post has lead me to a local master rigger who has offered to give me some hands on assistance. You guys are alright. I found the rig in a green metal container at an antique shop. Got everything for $40.00. From what I can see, it does not appear that the rig was ever used. Mike
  4. I picked up a container and parachute manufactured by Pioneer Parachute, April 1957. The gear looks in good shape and I want to pack it up for display purposes. The container is model number NB6. NPU is 56-204. It has a 26 round, and is described by Poynter as "one of the finest emergency back parachutes available." Poynter gives some packing directions, but I need help with closing the rig. The rip cord has 4 pins. What I can find is information regarding closing loops. I have searched the internet and contacted the company, but haven't had any luck. Does anybody have a manual, information, or can otherwise offer suggestions for this set up? Thanks Mike
  5. Thanks Lou for all the links. I'm looking for winds aloft history in the Columbus, Ohio area. I would like to get my hands on several years of data, by month, of wind direction and speed at 3, 6, 9, and 12,000 ft, Mike
  6. I'm looking for a database of winds aloft, spanning 3 to 5 years. I've looked around on aviation weather and such sites, but don't see historical compilations. Anybody know where such a data base might be hiding? Thanks
  7. a little late, but you can check its the only dz in central ohio and has riggers on staff.
  8. mfuller


    thanks. already checked this out, but still wasn't able to find what i was looking for.
  9. mfuller


    i recently acquired a sewing machine. needed a few minor repairs. runs fine. i haven't had any luck finding info on the web re the model, except it was distributed by jc penney. its a Nelco. think it was manufactured in the early 1980s. I scoured the machine for model number and haven't found one yet. it has a serial number but that doesn't help. it has "Heavy Duty Sew Simple" on the front. i don't have any manuals. anybody know anything about Nelcos? attaching a pic. thanks
  10. just wondering what issues this will create? "... all USPA members who are rated through a manufacturer but never earned the USPA Tandem Instructor rating will need to obtain the USPA rating in the near future." haven't seen any discussion on this by those who will be affected. how well known is this requirement? thoughts or concerns?
  11. I just completed a coach course and phase one of a strong tandem course at Start Skydiving in Lebanon, Ohio. Kip Lohmiller taught the coach course. This was my first sustained interaction with him. I was very impressed with his class. He put us through a challenging course. Going in, I didn't have much expectation for the coach course. I soon realized that I didn't know nearly as much as I thought. Not only did he share his knowledge with us, but he extended the generosity of the dz. He put the caravan in the air for us, even when the loads were very light. Not only did I get to jump with Kip, but Kip also asked John Hart to join us. His whole crew were outstanding. Kip set up the Strong rating course. Dave Bazzoni from Strong came up and offered a great phase one course. If you get the chance to work with Dave, do it. He is a good man! I'm rung out now. I had a great week at Start Skydiving. Also I want to give recognition to Scott and Warren from Central Michigan. They were part of the classes. Good and generous people. Its people like those I met this week who make the sport what it is.
  12. does any one know who's offering intro CReW camps over the winter (place, dates, etc) - someplace in the south east that's reasonably warm would be nice. thanks mike
  13. thanks for the replies and the bulletin. mike