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  1. jumppilot01

    Houston Rigger

    Thanks everyone.
  2. jumppilot01

    Houston Rigger

    Hello, I'm looking for a Houston rigger to pack a reserve and give an out of date cypress a refurb. Please let me know who I can turn to. Thank you,
  3. jumppilot01

    Columbus Ohio Rigger

    Hello, Anyone know of any riggers in Columbus, OH? I tried to search but wasn't able to find anything. Thanks.
  4. jumppilot01

    Funniest whuffo question

    I had a Whuffo moment at my DZ, when I was complaining about the cost of a new rig (which I am in the market for).. One of the packers said, quite calmly, "Well, you can get into basket ball for $30." Nuff said!
  5. jumppilot01

    Start Skydiving

    As soon as I showed up, the staff made me feel at home. The facilities are nice and the place is constantly growing. Team Fastrax is located there and they are very helpful with questions, even offering to make a jump or two with someone who is learning new skills. I recommend this place to anyone and will definately be back.
  6. jumppilot01

    Which part of the dive do you enjoy more?

    I agree. The "holy s*it, I'm really doing this" feeling. The exit has always been the coolest part for me...you are leaving what oyu know and trusting your life to your skills and equipment. -Jump
  7. I'm sitting at my computer, drinking a beer, and I see that stupid KIRO 7 add on the TV. The add mentioned "dangerour skydiving" as a guy was coming in doing a swoop. Come on! Maybe I'll change my home DZ after I see this add, or, better yet, just get out of skydiving. Odds are the people involved with the production have zero jumps, and from those people you always have to turn a critical eye to, no matter how much research they have done. Uninformed people suck. Perhaps it will be an informative piece and I will watch it with an open mind. -Jump
  8. jumppilot01

    Travelling With Your Rig

    Bret, You got a shitty gig -Adam
  9. jumppilot01

    Friendly BASE jumpers?

    Hey, Assuming you meet the minimum requirements (what are those?), if you go to a big BASE event Idaho or Bridge Day, will you have gear available to 'rent' or a class to take? I want to BASE jump, but not spend money on a rig only to do it once and scare the shit out of myself. you know? peace, -Adam
  10. jumppilot01

    Jumping out of a Cub

    Hey, this weekend my friends and I are going to have the opportunity to jump out of a cub. Has anyone here ever jumped out of one before? We've taken a look at it, but I wonder if anyone has any tips. Thanks, -Adam
  11. jumppilot01

    Out $265 and a owe a ton of beer.

    >>Just kinda odd that bad line twists happend to both of us on our #115th jumps (on Safire's).
  12. jumppilot01

    Out $265 and a owe a ton of beer.

    >>Finding out how many people are willing to tromp through the woods in muck and through thistle bushes to help you find your main
  13. jumppilot01

    Movement in a sit

    Hey everyone, Thanks for all your replies. I will try all the techniques you mentioned this weekend... Hopefully I'll report back on Monday with good news! Blues skies, -Adam
  14. jumppilot01

    Movement in a sit

    Hey thanks a lot! I noticed you are from Naperville...Do you go to Chicagoland skydiving? Freefalin14 and myself will be heading up there before too long and want to see what it is all about. Thanks again, -Adam
  15. jumppilot01

    Movement in a sit

    Hey, I have recently got a stable sit down and can maintain heading and control fall rate. However, me trying to turn is complete guess work. How do you turn in a sit and do horizontal movement? Jumping season is here, and by the end of the summer I'd like to be doing alright. :-) thanks, -Adam