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  1. 23, about the time I could actually pay for it. Medbill DME Billing Service
  2. Kewl, yeah I'll have to check out the neptune. Never really heard of it but I'll check it out for sure.... Thanks everyone Medbill DME Billing Service
  3. This might be a stupid question, but.... Thinking of buying the Protrack, I have a Z1. I know the audible part will work. But will the other functions still work for being stored inside the Z1. I notice with the freefly headgear the protracks are snapped on the outside of the helments. Wasn't sure if being inside the Z1 will disrupt its functions. Blue Ones Medbill DME Billing Service
  4. Hey is anyone having probs getting on ? This is the right url(address)? Blue Ones! Medbill DME Billing Service
  5. I was wondering why everyone had a black eye at the DZ. just kidding Now its my turn to create new problems to fix. Medbill DME Billing Service
  6. QuoteNever ever give up. This is one of the golden rules in skydiving. Quote Never heard that before mysky, I'll have to keep that in my mind. I always get the jitters and lump in my throat feeling each time I go up. I'll like to loose that fear too someday. Medbill DME Billing Service
  7. I think you shouldn't give up. I don't know how your AFF is set up but if your at the release dive then you should keep trying. Everyone repeats levels, I had to repeat a couple. Some do go right through like a breeze. I'm still a student, and have alot to learn but if you relax and just let it happen it might help. Thats what helped for me, are you tensing up there? I was told once you open and find your self breathing really hard after you open then your tensing up there. But, if your really scared then don't go. Thats up to you, but at the stage your at. I think you should keep going. Maybe an exp jumper will post shortly and see what he/she has to say. Lots of luck to you, stay safe! Medbill DME Billing Service
  8. it's aight, I should of maybe word it a little different. I don't really reread what I type. I just type and send. Medbill DME Billing Service
  9. Ok ok, I guess I should of word everything a little different. Phonics is right, I'm just excited about doing the levels "well". Last thing I need, is to be known as a kocky ass on this site. Because I'm going to need as much advice in my future of skydiving. Anyway, blue ones to everyone Medbill DME Billing Service
  10. Appreciate the friendly advice, I'll take as much advice as possible. Really sorry to hear about your friend though. Its always shitty hearing about other skydivers getting hurt or not making it. Exp, if its someone that you knew. Medbill DME Billing Service
  11. Oh yeah, I was informed in on that already
  12. Na, I'm not getting kocky, The dive just felt alot better after that bad exit I had. I know I have alot to learn and I want to learn as much as I can. Every dive is a learning expierence. Anyway I didn't mean to sound kocky, still all excited about those jumps.
  13. Just Did my level 7 and 8 aff yesterday, and did I kick both levels ass! Yahoo! Had to do 7 again because I had a little trouble on the exit, BUT, this time much better! The back loops and barrell rolls, amazing feeling. I'm addicted even more now. Thank you income tax return for getting me here lol, and of course my instructors. Unfortantly there was not enough time in the day to do my solo, I gotta get back up there. Damn thing called a job getting in the way, eh what are you going to do. Now time to have some fun and learning bigger and better things about this awsome sport! Medbill DME Billing Service