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  1. I distincly rember from My first jump course back in 96 My instructor saying that all altimiters are back ups and also mechnical devices wich can and offten do fail 3000 jumps later I find that he was very very right having had My altimter both fail and smashed of My wrist from a couple of differant things . I urge you all (and by that I mean anyone who has never tried it ) jump and spend a jump guessing how high you are and really pay attention to how the horizon and ground look at those altitudes (take an altimiter with you and look at it only after guessing what it will say ) you will find you are normally a bit high when you take the time to look around and really pay attention to your suroundings reguardless of what discapline you practice belly ,headdown, birdman the horizon is visable and that alone is enough referance to tell the differance between 5000 ft and 3000 ft when you really take the time to use your eyes wich are the most reliable altimiter you will ever have . and if they break you really dont have much use for a visual anyhow and I doubt your audible will do much good anyway as for low altitude highspeed YAAAAAHHHOOO just make sure you know where you are and how you are going to react to anything that might (or might not ) pop up Be safe all
  2. not going to turn this into a lecter but saw a few things that trouble me but I have some questions before making any judgment one way or the other 1. 170 lbs , how tall ? 2. what type of suit for camera flying 3. what type of aircraft ?
  3. just found one at the ranch thanks for the link Also thanks to Sonic and crew at THE PRO SHOP YOU GUYS ROCK !
  4. couple of thoughts came to mind as iread though posts thought I would share them 1. if it is bright enough I a will have trouble seeing cam eye I am wearing sunglasses or tinted face sheild and can slip the LED inside it 2 if the buton fails cut wire in front of and behind it wire matching wires back together and you have a hype eye ( have never tried this it is theory ) 3 hype eye is way over prced for what it is come on guys it is a light on a three way mini plug at least with cam eye you can pretend it isnt a 200% markup 4 I am working on making a pigtail to plug into the camera that can be taped in place with a seperate lanc plug on it so that you dont wear out the port on your camera may do this with A/V out also will post plans if it works (had issues with PC5 on side mounted L braket the vibration over a few years wears the port to big making cam eye fade in and out ) all in all they are both very handy tools but rember the best system is the one that works ofr you and if you forget to turn the cam on the best light in the world may not help (though have turned cam on in freefall a few times )
  5. How do you still get riser hang ups with a top mount? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> consider linetwist with the risers bunching at the top of your head or the slider screaming down the lines on a fast or hard opening or a semi stable deployment after geting that last second bad ass shot and relizing you waited a bit longer to deploy than you ment to . pretty much anything you can conceive that puts lines , risers and slider in range of your helm ...... and now relize for everyone you can think of there are at least eight more waiting to surprise you . they like to tell tandem masters that it isnt just another skydive , good advice for anyone straping anything "extra" on be it a person a camera or a stuffed animal on your chest strap murpheys law works and offten when we are at our most complacent this is skydiving the only for sure is that there is a planet aimed at you fly safe ask lots of questions and be ready for anything
  6. just so everyone knows brent repleid (super fast i might add) and he is going to be out of raw material stock till roughly october thanks for all the other suggestions and input if anyone sees one in stock for sure somewhere drop me a line please as to where it was
  7. anyone know of a person or gear store that currently has new or used one of thease sights tried para gear and they said october that wont work for me any input most welcomed I am looking for the bulls eye not the cross hairs
  8. thanks for the input both of you curently shooting with a PC-5 mounted on a mindwarp. so really looking forward to the upgrade even if it means going back to top mount /ring site another question that came to mind what is capture rate for stills while recording ? have read a lot of reveiws but didnt see anything that really said I know the mem stick duo isnt super fast but am just tring to decide if i can rig it so i can give some decent print quality stills on a disc along with the vidio even if they are only small ones (dont know how big a 4 MP pic could be printed and retain quality ) saw your post DSE made me a bit hopefull anyhow
  9. DSE have you seen or heard of a good box /mount for the HC3 is it feasable to side mount it or is it just too wide ? thanks for all your input BTW have read a tone of your posts on HDV and such very helpfull
  10. He was one of those few people that you never really figuer out and are damn glad of that Always somthing to say and never what you were expecting I only had a 100 jumps or so with him but I have to say they were all great because he made them the way He wanted them to be (sorry I am rambling I will get to the point On his first jump I was his raidio man as it wasnt a particularly nice day I landed him out in a feild just next to our landing area. I started walking out to make sure everything was ok, and his dad joined me I got to him a little before his dad and everything was fine we picked up his stuff and started back in to the hanger his dad stopped us and gave him his pair of wings from the millitary he was very proud at that moment . he had a very deep comitment to family & freinds and i considder it an honner and a privillege to have been fourtunate enough to know & fly with him Be Well Marc and Blue Skies I would love to hear any stories out there My sympathies goto Dan and Vicki