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  1. I use it for funjumps. Very happy. The camera shoot flawlessly. Internal memory is more than enough for a couple of days. It was around 55 percent of the charge left of the main block after 5 jumps( 2.7K and I filmed only freefall. No under canopy ride). So possibly last for the whole jumping day. Especially like the strong Vibro function for on/off. And obviously no overheating problem at 14K feet). Here are some shot test clips.
  2. It's run on Epix 2 but sadly no option to keep the screen non-dimmable during freefall and under the canopy fly. Maybe it's possible to add the function to keep the screen full brightness ON(on the Amoled watches). And one more suggestion: Could be convenient to have the possibility to rotate the screen. For 90 degrees for example like this. A bit easier screen reading when the arms are on the risers. Great app anyway! Thank you.
  3. Is it possible to switch feet/meters? Epix support? Thank you.