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  1. If you are in ft, the only way to change swoop or warning altitude is to change units in watch settings for meters, and next set the desired altitude( approx.) in meters in the app menu. Then go back to UNITS and change it back to feet. Otherwise, it does not work. Ver. 1.7.
  2. I use it for funjumps. Very happy. The camera shoot flawlessly. Internal memory is more than enough for a couple of days. It was around 55 percent of the charge left of the main block after 5 jumps( 2.7K and I filmed only freefall. No under canopy ride). So possibly last for the whole jumping day. Especially like the strong Vibro function for on/off. And obviously no overheating problem at 14K feet). Here are some shot test clips.
  3. It's run on Epix 2 but sadly no option to keep the screen non-dimmable during freefall and under the canopy fly. Maybe it's possible to add the function to keep the screen full brightness ON(on the Amoled watches). And one more suggestion: Could be convenient to have the possibility to rotate the screen. For 90 degrees for example like this. A bit easier screen reading when the arms are on the risers. Great app anyway! Thank you.
  4. Is it possible to switch feet/meters? Epix support? Thank you.