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  1. I am looking to do a 25 jump package and have narrowed my choices down to Skydive Georgia in Cedartown Ga. and Skydive Tennessee in Tullahoma Tn. The accomodation options look a bit better in TN. My question for those that have been at both DZ's is what you prefer and why. Thanks in advance, Glen. BTW - I will be coming on my motorcycle so camping options are limited for a week long stay
  2. I stopped keeping bees when I moved to northwestern Ontario. I still have all my equipment though and am active with a local beekeeping club. Hoping to get back into it one day. Yet to make my first skydive but hope to get into that soon.
  3. A friend posted the attached humourous piece on Facebook. Thought the folks here might appreciate a guffaw!
  4. I'm looking forward to it. This would have happened a few years back when a friend was going to get me out there. He passed away, unfortunately, but last year I decided to go ahead with my dream. Just have to shed a few more pounds.
  5. Thanks for the input. It helps. I am in northwest Ontario with no dz really close to me (Gimli,MB is about 3hrs). I was looking at the proliferation of places in Minnesota and Wisconsin with some really close to each other. Praying that Covid isn't a consideration next year, and dropping another 20lbs would be nice! Regards, Glen
  6. Just wondering how it may play out for a beginner visiting an area with several close clubs in the area. Would they get their nose out of joint if you went to the competition? A few years back, in my SCUBA world,the closest city to me had really weird vibe - if dive shop A knows you visit dive shop B you get treated pretty coolly. I am hoping to get my A next year (weight issue and Covid this year), I don't want screw up on any etiquette during my training! Thanks for any info. Glen
  7. In Ontario, Canada a lot of industrial electricity consumers initiated systems with batteries around our "Time of use" restrictions. They were taking part in both money saving ideas = using batteries during costly peak times and charging when cheaper rates apply and also using the carbon tax benefits in place at the time. The current Conservatives scrapped the carbon tax program and significantly altered the use/cost differential. Not sure if the battery program is still of any benefit here now. Maybe after the lawsuits are settled we will see the program restarted. Anything that costs less and adds Green value is okay by me.
  8. If you come to Canada or the USA there are lots of options. The 2 Toronto operations offer training for people up to 250lbs. In the USA there are lots of places - the Spaceland franchise for example. Couple places in Georgia too. Just do the research. I am hoping to do my first jump this year. I am 6'3" 250 and hoping to lose some more weight. If you can get sub 220 the options are almost endless.
  9. It is not my intention to complain, only ask if their are any other skydiving forums. I enjoy Dropzone but I find a lot of the newbie questions I research are not very current here. I have DZ bookmarked and visit every day and this will not change. I am just looking for a busier alternative. With respect...........