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  1. In Ontario, Canada a lot of industrial electricity consumers initiated systems with batteries around our "Time of use" restrictions. They were taking part in both money saving ideas = using batteries during costly peak times and charging when cheaper rates apply and also using the carbon tax benefits in place at the time. The current Conservatives scrapped the carbon tax program and significantly altered the use/cost differential. Not sure if the battery program is still of any benefit here now. Maybe after the lawsuits are settled we will see the program restarted. Anything that costs less and adds Green value is okay by me.
  2. If you come to Canada or the USA there are lots of options. The 2 Toronto operations offer training for people up to 250lbs. In the USA there are lots of places - the Spaceland franchise for example. Couple places in Georgia too. Just do the research. I am hoping to do my first jump this year. I am 6'3" 250 and hoping to lose some more weight. If you can get sub 220 the options are almost endless.
  3. It is not my intention to complain, only ask if their are any other skydiving forums. I enjoy Dropzone but I find a lot of the newbie questions I research are not very current here. I have DZ bookmarked and visit every day and this will not change. I am just looking for a busier alternative. With respect...........