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  1. Probably not, most of dropzones with leased planes in this region close down in late october and early november. But if they own one and don't fly south they may be open if weather permits. You should contact one just before you leave home mate. cheers
  2. I got two. Hello, Thanks for your swift response, I'm so glad to hear from you and would say that am really interested in buying the Main Canopie, and i will be happy if you can sell it to me because my son has been troubling me because to buy it for him, he use it in Australian so i am getting it for him. i have a Fedex account for shipping pakages and with that i will use to ship it down to my Location. Pls kindly get back with your final asking price and i will be glad to issue out the payment to you which will be in Money order/check for the payment. If you are okay with my arrangement,pls kindly get back to me with the folloowing detail's NAME: ADDRESS: ZIPCODE: MOBILE NUMBER: FINAL PRICE: I await your response soon, Thank's and GOD bless you and youir family. Regards AND Hi kanada, On 20-Apr-2010 someone submitted their contact information in response to your ad in the Dropzone.com Classifieds. Please reply to this email to contact the person directly. Username => unitedunited1 URL => http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/classifieds/detail_page.cgi?ID=92156&d=1 Name => Brown FromEmail => [email protected] City => Country => Comments => I just want to confirm if you still have the main Main Canopies, please do get back to me with the final price. Simon Mills ----------------- If you suspect this is a scam: 1) Visit the Security Forum to see if it has already been reported: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?forum=44 2) If not, forward the entire email to [email protected]
  3. Thank you for that information.
  4. Where I can get them and how much they may cost?
  5. Yum metres or feet’s much difference when is white is ok, yellow not so bed, red pull. Exit under tail quite easy much easier than side door, just ask your instructor. Last few months new safety procedures where introduced like separate lading area for swoops, swooping beginner and the rest. Also landing zone is big that you don’t have to worry about to mach traffic in the air just pick less crowded spot. Also when you jump on student rig before you are ready to land probably you’ll be one of the last one. However you have to aware what's going on around you.
  6. good advice I have mine scaled in feet's ;-))
  7. 1st DZ use AN-28 with tailgaite (18 jumpers ~15 min 4000 meters) 2 other Tutbolet L410 with side door (18 jumpers ~25 min) Don't know this guys. But it's a while since I was there last time. Just remember Adam M.
  8. If you planing visit Poland your solo certificate will not be enough. Only B and higher will allow you to jump without instructor supervision. But thats not a problem because most of Polish DZ will provide instructor supervision for free. As Andrew said probably you will have to make one jump to prove your skills. Definitely you will need you log book, vidoes etc. Right now in Poland I will recommend following DZ: 1. www.skydive.waw.pl (my home;-) near Warsaw 2. www.pete.pl (near Piotrków Trybunalski approx 100 km south of Warsaw) 3. www.pyrlandia-boogie.pl (near Poznań) Who was your instructor in PST. I made my first 160 jumps there when they were in Arthur almost 9 years ago. Just to add; All student riggs require ADD's in Poland. My home DZ uses Mars student riggs which are quite nice to fly. 1 jump costs PLN 70 (~USD 25) student rigg rental PLN 30 (~USD 11).
  9. I just bought new ZP canopy. My problem is that my hands are getting really wet. I would like to use some thing like baby powder during packing so material want stick to them. Do you think it's a good idea and will not affect ZP material? Do you know something better? Thanks for any advice.
  10. Yes that exactly what I was thinking about. Ward thank you for this information.
  11. I will try to make it as clear as possible with my crappy English especially I don't have pictures. I just noticed with my rigger that on my new G4 MLW at hip-ring attachment point seam area is maybe 1,5 cm high. It is my first articulated rig so I don't have much reference but for me is quite small area which takes force of opening shock. Is that normal for Mirage? Or I’m just too paranoid? Is attachment point reinforced inside? Thanks for any input.
  12. Many thanks for taking your time and responding to my query. I was thinking to use paraglide manufacturer to do this but they could stuff it up any way. I will probably send a canopy to Aerodyne for reline when the time comes. I was just concern about all the hassle going through Polish customs office Hookitt thanks for that info I knew something is funny is going on when I do front risers up high but I didn't know that it may collapse on you.
  13. I own Conquest 170 and in future I would need to change lines. New line set costs USD 200 at factory store. My question is what cons would be if this set would be made by riger to original spec's. Thanks
  14. Hi I'm looking for opinion on different on different types of full face helmets from people using them. I'm specially interested in opinion of people who are using prescription lenses. I would like to by one this winter so thanks for all constructive opinions. thanks Tom