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  1. With respect to BASE canopies, what are the potential cons, if any, of 6G sliders in your opinion?
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/13FS-69F2ExGxwBw_nes_M1B5A9ENia8k-RQxgknw32U/edit Also, if you go to squirrels website, click on Learn. Its in there as well.
  3. There was a post on facebook where there was a discussion about this. One concern was, that in a case of a tension knot, a 6G slider could result in a hung slider in addition to a tension knot. Squirrel briefly addressed this in their white paper saying that a hung slider doesn't increase the severity of a tension knot, or the consequences of a tension knot in a significant way. They say , in their white paper Would be nice to get some unbiased opinions here for sure. Ive been wondering about the 6G slider myself. Given that squirrel say its "one of the most compelling advancements in BASE parachute designs" and that its not a new invention, there must be a reason why other manufacturers haven't adopted this because usually when there is an invention that works great, others are happy to use it. Examples include, SLATS(first used by Atair, then used by squirrel and I believe adrenalin now as well) and float flaps(first used by Squirrel in the Outlaw, now used by Atair as well). Having read the white paper, squirrel clearly think that the slider is a big factor in tension knots. About the use of 5 control lines on the canopies, they say there are many other more important factors, while acknowledging that its logical to think that 1 control line extra means 1 line more that could potentially entangle. If the Outlaw didnt have a worse than average record when it comes to tension knots, that argument makes sense as the Outlaw I believe also has an extra control line. Would love to hear peoples opinions on that as well.
  4. Hey guys, Im looking for any places in Brazil which offer balloon and/or heli jumps. Hoping someone here might have some idea. Cheers
  5. Hey guys, I have a Flik2 and am looking for a small mesh slider but it looks like apex have them on back order. My question is, will it work if I get a slider from a different brand for the same size canopy? Would a slider for a Hayduke or OSP2 work for a Flik2 assuming they are the same size?
  6. Im going to Italy. It has some of the better visa rejection statistics. But what you say makes sense for some countries which have more than a 20% rejection rate.
  7. Thanks for the advice! In line with a lot of what I have seen in my lifetime.
  8. Actually they list it in the documentation required. Under motives there are several. There is tourism, business and then visit to friends and family. The number one document they ask for is Invitation letter. If I say that it was a phone call and there is no invitation letter, they will simply say "ok" and reject the visa. The reason will be lack of documentation.
  9. I don't know if honesty is always the best policy....maybe you were lucky enough to be born in the US or Europe and have never had to apply for a visa , but these processes are very arbitrary and the most common reason for rejection is if they cannot fully establish the motive. If I just say I am going to one particular city in one country in Europe, for 30 days , to just hike? They have rejected visas for less. Also something being above board isnt good enough. One of my friends had a visa rejected for just mentioning family links he had in the US. They ask us to get insured for a reason. If something happens to us, they dont want to have to pay for it. Something like BASE jumping could surely make them think thats its might be better to reject the visa application, especially given most insurances don't cover BASE jumping. Sometimes the easiest solution is the right one. Honest or not. Either ways, I've emailed my instructor to ask about the invitation letter. Hopefully I can get something sorted there.
  10. Thanks for the idea Tom. Yes, I am getting coaching and will email my instructor about this. So in your letters and interviews, you mention that you are a BASE jumping instructor and they are your students? And they have no issue with it?
  11. Then, they would ask for an invitation letter from said "friends".
  12. Its just that first I need to submit the documents and then I have an interview where they may ask me to explain in a bit more detail what the purpose of my visit is. If the story is tourism, then I would need to show accommodations in different parts of the country etc such that it be believable. If I just show lodging at one particular place for 1 month(which is whats gonna happen) its not exactly what a regular tourist would do and it does look suspicious. If on the other hand I just be honest, well then yeah I can just be honest but I wonder if there is a risk the visa gets denied.
  13. Hey guys, For those of you who have needed to apply for a visa in order to come to Europe for a BASE trip(or anyone who knows anything about this matter), is it a good idea to mention that the motive of the trip is BASE jumping? Wouldn't they reject the visa given the high risk nature of the sport. I'm in the process of applying for a visa and am not sure which way to go. Appreciate any advice. Cheers
  14. Hey guys, I am planning a May BASE trip to Italy and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for lodging. I don't have a car so it would probably have to be close to the meeting point. Much appreciated.