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  1. Does the pocket slider completely solve the issue? I swear I read somewhere on this website that a dude was getting very hard openings even with the pocket slider. The thought did cross my mind.
  2. The Pilot in question is actually bigger than my Sabre2 (170 vs 188) so I thought the upsize might work in my favor. But it looks like the consensus is with the Pilot7, even a smaller one. Thanks.
  3. I have a Wings W13 and it currently holds a Sabre2 170 loaded at 1.3.I am looking to get into wingsuiting. My experience with the openings from both my packjobs and those of several others does not give me much confidence for use with wingsuits. My container has all the wingsuit modifications and I also have ordered a semi stowless dbag which is on its way. First, does a Wings W13 (which holds a Sabre 2 170) hold a Pilot 188 ZPX? Aerodyne says that a Pilot ZPX packs similar to a regular ZP for the first 100 jumps and then "somewhat smaller" after but still not as small as a Pilot 168(even though their website says ZPX has about 20 percent smaller pack volume). According to Sunrise, a Wings W-13 fits a 170 ZP and no more but they said that a Pilot 188 ZPX "would go in there". Those two seem to be conflicting. Does a Pilot 188 ZPX pack larger or smaller than a 170 Sabre 2? Also, what do you guys think about an average skydiver using a Sabre2 loaded at 1.3 for wingsuiting? Finally, would the Pilot 188 ZPX be a much better choice than a Pilot7 167 ZP (there is one for sale that I think fits my budget) or a Spectre 170? I prefer to buy used.