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  1. You'll need to get clearance from your local instructors/dz but imo you have no business being on a 120 at 150 jumps. Wingloading isnt everything.
  2. multiple TIs at that dz have over 10,000. Phil is an absolute legend
  3. Should have also mentioned more information is available at
  4. Fiji Cloudbreak Boogie is on again! Need a change of scenery? Want to jump onto a tropical island paradise with your mates? Running from 16th May 2020, this boogie is going to be EPIC. Super Caravan aircraft Coaching & Load Organizers each day Daytapes/Prizes Resort Accommodation Parties Cocktails by the Pool Rego Package includes 25x jump tickets. Additional tickets $50 AUD each APF D License required or international equivalent (NZPIA C, USPA C, or other 200 jump qualification) For more information, please contact [email protected] Admin/Mod note: event is further than four months in the future, but given it is an international event that requires attendees to plan in advance I hope you can permit this post.
  5. In oz technically you'll need someone with a packer B to teach you. If you're hiring gear from meeloft ask for a main that has been used more than the others (I know their gear is generally almost brand spanking new, but Koppel is an awesome dude and will do whatever he can to hook you up with something to suit your circumstances) Which dz are you at? Some instructors/packers I know at my dz (picton) will teach novices to pack (after jumping is done for the day) free of charge, or for a beer.
  6. I know a few people who jump these containers in Australia without issue
  7. Depends where you do it but Australia between $38-$47 AUD ($26.50 USD - $33 USD)
  8. Tandem at 16. Both my parents were skydivers so it was basically a family thing. I was one of those dropzone kids growing up. I didn't do the AFF course until 25 though
  9. 1-4 - safire2 210 (0.8) 5-50 - safire2 190 (0.86) 55-105 - pulse 170 (1.1) 105-present pulse 150 (1.2) my dz student rigs were safire2s. I did a couple of jumps on pilot 190/sabre2 190 while deciding which canopy to purchase but ultimately chose to jump a pulse