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  1. mzanghetti


    You sound just like me! I think we are both pretty "normal" for skydiving newbies. Just not sure how normal skydivers are?
  2. mzanghetti

    First jump: Tandem or AFF?

    Thanks for starting this thread! I am in a similar situation and have learned much from what has been posted.
  3. mzanghetti

    First jump: Tandem or AFF?

    Thanks Max for your input, I did not start this thread but have learned much from it. I am just about to do my first jump and have decided to do one or even two tandems for just these kinds of reasons. I am very nervous about having the abilities to do an AFF jump first time out. I almost think the tandem jumps should be required, but understand I could be wrong and will come back to this thread after my first jump. This board has answered a lot of my questions and helped me overcome my fears so thanks to all of you for that!
  4. mzanghetti

    So embarrassing. Need to repeat aff2

  5. mzanghetti

    Watching out for newbies [was - hard impact at Nats]

    You should sleep better, sounds like you did the right thing!
  6. mzanghetti

    So embarrassing. Need to repeat aff2

    "I got the skydiving speech... And here I am." I don't get the connection between bowling and skydiving, can you explain? Why did your next option then become skydiving? I am really curious about this as I have a friend that is really into bowling.
  7. I have lost quite a bit of weight over the last few months/years and am having quite a bit of trouble adjusting to my new size, I can only assume you and I are normal in having trouble dealing with being a different size, I don't know if that changes with time. I do have one other suggestion, have you considered getting some counseling? I don't make this suggestion in order for you to continue skydiving, but in order for you to deal with any body image issues and to avoid PTSD or similar issues going forward. Yes, I do have a Psychology degree if you must know, just a suggestion for your mental health!
  8. mzanghetti

    Neck Injuries and the Physics of Hard Openings?

    Thank you for the update, I am a 59 y/o male with left sided weakness due to a cervical spinal tumor surgically removed and contemplating a tandem skydive. Nice to know I am not the only one to have to deal with these kinds of questions! Blue Skies!