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  1. I got THE SAME email with the son down under, bank/cashier's check, DHL, broken english, and blessing my family. Replied asking him to make a Paypal payment and no response. Glad I got that weird feeling before I accepted it. What does he do with the stuff if people send it to him? Sell it here?
  2. Skydive Sebastian is a nice drop zone as well. Pretty laid back, a little slower moving at times but has the best view in Florida in my opinion. Great instructors and decent night life.
  3. Skydive Sebastian is 21.50. Camping is free and the shower facilities are immaculate. The view from altitude is like no other and the vibe is laid back and friendly. Definatley worth a visit.
  4. anybody have details on where and what exactly happened?
  5. Anybody planning on going to the Crosskeys Invasion the end of December? Sounds like a pretty cool event.
  6. I jumped tandem with these guys last year and had such an amazing experience. The attitude that they have is the perfect balance of laid-back and safety-oriented. They treated me as an equal, even though I had no idea what I was doing. I had so much fun hanging out with them on the ground and in the plane that I almost forgot I was about to jump out of an airplane. I would reccomend this place to anybody... from first time jumper to experienced. I have complete trust in every one of them, which is fairly important when I'm jumping out of a plane.