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  1. Or you could go on there and like my wife's design!!/photo.php?fbid=344185352337090&set=a.344185282337097.83337.226300784125548&type=1&theater All you have to do is go on and like her picture. Thanks for your help!
  2. How will a stiletto 107 fit into a mirage mo/mos container with either a pdr 126 or smart 120 reserve? i know their website says stiletto 135 is optimal. im just wanting to see if anyone out there has this setup and how the canopy fits in the container.
  3. The box you asked me about earlier will work. I had a Cx-110 in it.
  4. buddy of mine has some videos on his mac and i want to get copies of them but cant just drag and drop on my external hard drive that is formated for pc. what is the easiest way to go about getting them on my laptop?
  5. This is what we use at our dz and it works good.
  6. i was fairly conservative student status was on a sabre 190 and pd 190 10-40 sabre 190 and sabre2 170 40-100 conquest 150 100-600 stiletto 135 600-present(1500) crossfire2 119 wl 1.7 i am now thinking about downsizing. ive demoed a bunch of canopies also. i also jump a stiletto 107 regularly.
  7. Thanks. That would be the one place i didnt think to look.
  8. i was wondering if anyone knows the pack volume or a size for the strong g2r reserve. thanks
  9. me and a few friends are heading up to css to jump this saturday and was wondering what plane they are flying. i know they have casas there but ive heard that they have been flying the king air lately. i was just wondering cause we were hoping to jump the casa.
  10. you must have done the boomerang not long after we left cuase i notice the camper is gone in the background. To bad we couldnt stick around to see that. It was an awesome weekend and i had fun on/in the pond.
  11. The way i exit from a cessna is that the tandem instructor spots and then hollers cut. Then ill climb out and i hang under the strut with my back towards the prop looking back into the door.(i have sidemount vid. with top mount still) The tandem will climb out and do there count and then i drop off on my back and video them. I then either transfer to my belly or i stay on my back. The other video guy climbs out and stands on the peg and does a normal poised exit and stay on his belly.
  12. i was in your same boat a couple years ago. I was jumping a stiletto 135 and i had the choice of a katana or a crossfire2 119. I demoed both canopys and now i have a crossfire2 119 that i have about 600 jumps on and i am loving it. The Katana is not a bad canopy it just was not what i was looking for. Out of 10 jumps that i put on it, the heading on opening was very eratic. And i believe if i remember correctly 4 of those openings had linetwists. It did dive longer and harder than the xfire. The landings were longer and held alot more speed but i was having to run the landings out. On the xfire i put 6 or 7 jumps on it and every opening was soft and on heading. It didnt dive as much as the katana but it still dove very nicely and carried alot of speed into the landings and i wasnt having to run them out as bad as i did on the katana. The main thing i was looking at was opening because i was doing and still am doing alot of video. All in all i believe the crossfire is the better canopy for an all around canopy.
  13. the first two are from this past weekend when i went up with a buddy who was demoing a canopy for the weekend and i figured id go get some pics of him and we both enjoyed the hell out of the jump. The second one is from a tandem a few weeks ago and i just think its an awesome picture with the orientation and the plane in the background.
  14. awesome guys, keep them coming these are the kind of answers i was looking for. Thanks for helping me out a great bit.
  15. ok i see what you guys are all saying and i appreciate the response back from all of you. i understand it is up to the person who is making the jump. that is why i have my limits and wont jump above that. I guess what im trying to figure out is what is your personal limit in wind gusts. say the winds are blowing at 10 knots gusting up to 18. Would you jump or wouldnt you. i know that there are alot of things to consider such as is it coming over any obsticles or is it eraticly gusting or is it a steady gust and so on. but just as a simple answer would you jump in winds going from 10 knots to 18, or would you call it quits for awhile til they calm down. i would also like to hear from tandem instructors on this if they would take tandems up in wind conditions like these or what they consider there cutoff to be for tandems in gusty wind situations.