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  1. I'll try it on the next time I'm at the DZ. Since my only options until the new year are rentals, and this canopy size only being a C16, my options are fairly limited. I did a rough measurement on myself and I'm maybe a 20 or 21".
  2. I'm 50 jumps in and downgrading from a 230 to a 210 canopy at my DZ with instructor approval. I currently rent from the DZ I jump at, and want to get settled into a canopy size before I buy my own rig next year. I'm 6'5" so I'm obviously longer, and the 230 had a 17" and 18" MLW rig choice that I could use. I always felt the most comfortable in the 18" (Depending on how it was packed). They apparently only have 16" 210s at my DZ, and I'm more concerned on how this will fit me. Anything I should look out for when trying on the 16" harness? Is it more possible to hurt myself (or my boys?) on opening or anything like that? I'm honestly not sure what MLW would actually be best fitting for me as I haven't been measured. But I thought I'd ask here before strapping on the 16 and risk getting myself hurt.
  3. I got my pebble earlier this month and finally got to jump it this past weekend. Definitely works, was loud, and accurate. Coming from no audible to this is a definite upgrade. I had a couple of issues setting it up. First was the defective white cable that came with it wouldn't connect, 2nd was my work laptop didn't have a high power USB port, so I had to wait to get home to plug it into my PC, which had a 5V USB port. Once I got past those two things I had no issues.
  4. Had this discussion with a number of women in my life before. I'm a lifelong non-believer that really doesn't have any interest in religion. I'm told I'm going to hell. Sucks for me I guess, but honestly I'd have the same reaction if someone were to tell me I would never be able to use "the force". I'm no jedi :( It usually causes issues in relationships that even though I'm a good man, I'm going to hell, but honestly it just turns me off to this idea since it feels bogus. Some get over it, some don't, and some say they do but obviously haven't. It's something I learned that will always be an issue.
  5. I got sick on my first tandem jump once the chute opened and the TI was doing spins. I was fine throughout freefall, but those spins really got me. On my second tandem the TI asked if I liked spins and I told him I got nauseous during my first tandem. He said some people get that way, especially since the center of gravity is off for the front rider. I've never been sick solo under canopy, but everyone is different. I used to get carsick all the time as a kid, but I blame that on trying to read in the back seat.
  6. I know you really look up to this guy, but please do not follow his path. I agree with Cloggy, ask your instructor for advice on what you should use.