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  1. Hello! cant determine what maker and model is this google: see from start on a video, at about 0:03 second https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9bT2dXsMrM want to buy something similar in ebay, because i want try two another jumps in next year - one tandem, and one staticline. cheap soft plastic google who i was given in my first tandem i fo not like - it have distorted view, and also not wind-tight, i have a tears in my eyes on freefall stage, due to strong wind... or maybe you can recommend something else good googles who can be purchased in ebay with delivery to europe, and who was good seal, and so on? thanks in advance!
  2. not, but that direcion, too, is in my plans. many peoples says, yoga really help with spine problems, if do it right way...
  3. i dont know, chiropractor is the same, as in russian "manual therapeut" - human with, i think, medical education, who with spine massage can relieve strained muscles, and so on. about a 10 years ago or so i try to lift my newfoundland dog. yes, i know, i am a fool, and dog not very massive ( about 65 kilogramms, or ~120 punds i think) but large, and very uncomfortable position at starting lift from ground level, as so i start lift with non straight spine, and get a some problems. that was a bit stiff at waist, and some small pain also. i have that for about 2 years - bit discomfortable, but all in all i can live with that. and then i got to local manual therapeut by my wifes advice - just for look, what changes. i was very sceptical, and not believe, something changes, but my amazement - i almost already feel, that stifness is gone, and that small, everyday pain too! so, there can be good effect. when i got an my last trauma - Herniated intervertebral disc - i also got to him with some hope, but this time there is practically no changes. as so it looks works not in all situations, but that is logical. corsette is a good companion for bad spine, btw, and, if riding bicycle / moto, then best position is leaned forward. with straight position spine was ruined very easy, if road not perfectly smooth... :\
  4. i can differ smart peoples from dumb ones. i have a lot of practice in this field. looks like, that was very sensitive theme for you? :D
  5. he have too small experience in physical world, and from other side - that was much better death, than old, sick, alcheimer and demenetsya, i think. in any way, no one of us live forever, and what a difference - now, or after 10, 20,30 years? :D i listen, and damaged my back. now i try chose, who listen, and gather additional information. i am not so healthy, to be able to afford anyone, who have a named "skydiver" or "instructor". i seek for good, smart ones.
  6. dumb people, say, can drive a car with decades, but not read anything, and learn only from his own mistakes ( and even that - not always). and then someone can come and compare wrc pilot, say, and truck driver, and say - truck driver is far more experienced because miles, and years, and as conclusion, truck driver is much more masterful and more knowledge in car piloting techniques. but that is useless dicsuccion, only thing, who you operate is experience, not perception and learning. Bryan Burke may be fool for you, and any skydiver, who, after a bit hard landing with his instructions, when to make flare, who ask "now you see, why need to start braking fast?" may be a god level expert in canopy piloting. thats show your thinking level, but ok - you re not first, and not last that folk on this planet. i plan to do tandem, and maybe another static line in another dropzone. on todays impressions tandem is much more emotions and impressive, than staticline. also i can feel more relaxed and can try to learn to determine +/- right attitude for starting flare and so on. as so, you can continue your jokes about "another fatality"... :\
  7. He was right, you were wrong. It's that simple. He knows a load more than you, I guarantee it. Take responsibility for your own fuck up. on that planet has a lot of fools. when fool becomes doctor, or skydiving instructor, or car driver - he not automatically become wise, not. there was the same fool, who was start propoganding things like "in internet is impossible to learn anything worth", and so on. apart of this, even so dim folk as you must understand, that if i do all, as that guide man say, and as he say, then that is not mine fuck up. apart of that obstacle, that i do what he say... :P
  8. jumped today. with, as i been said, a russian "arbalet" canopy (270 sw ft, as i found in internet?). not as near impressed, as from tandem jump. before jump i discuss a bit with old man, who was in charge for direct me to land via radio. he say, i must brake fast to make flare, i try argue a bit slow ( about 3 seconds ) motion was much better. he did not agree, and finally i decide to do, what he says. be very anxiety, when earth start to fast approaching ( under 100 meters), and radio was silent, but decide to wait for signal. sadly all that near paralized my perception, as so, i look not to horizont, but on a grass, where i go, and also not remember to get legs close - after signal i do fast braking, as he told, but anyway have bit hard landing - cant stay on legs, drop no my ass on grass, and then on a hand too :/ happily, looks like without damages. there is almost no wind ( maybe about 2 m/s ), and i come versus wind direction, as it supposed to be. old fart know nothing about flare, and even cant give a signal in right time, i think :D
  9. thanks, also for link to video, i understand all that.
  10. On the knees! How dare you talk first to the Dragon? :F apart of humor - most of you do not say anything interesting, nor new or useful for me, as so...
  11. if anyone else look for that, this looks one of best, who i find until now: https://axisflightschool.com/pdf/references_GettingTheMost_PerformanceDesigns.pdf https://axisflightschool.com/pdf/references_GettingTheMost_PerformanceDesigns.pdf most public in this place looks strange to me, and unable to get useful information, sadly... i been thinking, in skydivers bright person percentage is higher, than in general public...
  12. i think, i classify hard landing, who need PLF as a major catastrophe, as so, i take it into account, but hope, i avoid it. i think, even that type of training can ruin my spine, if not in first attempt, then in second. just jump from some height is one thing, rolled over - completely different for my back... :\
  13. what is PLF? any links? flare late, as i understand, is better than flare early, and fall from x metres height, not?
  14. good advice about AN2 wing ! :D what about another in the same manner? how to determine current height, speed, point where i landed, if not change anything? what is better manner to jump aut of aircraft until chute open? what is best procedure to start flare, if i do that first time, and do not have an experience to determine my height and speed under canopy? any large canopies special features, who is good to know? ;)
  15. i look for answers, not workarounds. sure, spine inner muscles development is very good thing, but is very hard to maintain long-term inspiration to do this, because you cant see any results. only feel ok. nearer dropzone is in 180 kilometers from me, and another is 220 kilometres away. as i said, i have my own way, in what manner i learn new things, and as so, i ask for information, not a advices, what i must learn instead of, what i do that :P sadly, in web, looks like, is a bit short of instructions of that sort ( SL, and so on)...