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  1. Mala noticia El hizo mucho por nosotros en México y solo me resta agradecercelo. Mis mas sentido pesame a sus amigos y familiares
  2. Don't worry Kuper, i graduated at thr 33 jump but i can say you that "The Relax is the secret"
  3. Hi My instructor told me i can buy a sabre2 150 becose i a conservative jumper and my DZ has a regular weather. I read about this canopy in PD and i found it isn't for me. I think i didn't undertand you. Could you be more specific? Thanks
  4. Thank you very much for all you advice. Conclusion: I think i get a new sabre2 170, used sabre190 or used sabre2 190. I think i need training for use it. I'v looked in internet and i found trainning in Deland. what do you think?
  5. .... and i'm sorry for my stupid post ....
  6. Thanks everybody for your advice. I will take them seriusly.
  7. Hi everybody. I have a question? Some on my instructor recomended me to buy a sabre2 150. This is becose the complete rig is too expensive to me and i can't change the pricincipal parachute many times. They told me when i have 50 jumps i can use it. I have 31 jumps today and my exit weight is 185. I jump in a city is 4500 feet over sea level. I have jumped in a sabre 190. what do you think about this? I don't have an accident and i don't buy mi rig two times? Thanks in advance