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  1. Airport jokes:
  2. I still think of "FS" as being Freestyle... "Hey man, want to do some FS with us?" "No thanks, that weird stuff is for the new kids." (Quizzical looks...)
  3. Well, democrats are in favor of registering guns and gun owners, because a few of them might end up becoming criminals. So what's the difference with registering muslim from a terrorist nation because a few of them might be terrorists? If it's good enough for American gun owners, it ought to be good enough for muslim immigrants.
  4. This. The stiffener is designed to give the flap a tapered shape to allow lines to slide off of it. If the stiffener is broken, a loop of line can half-hitch around the flap and get stuck there, cinching up tight behind the broken stiffener. That gives the main canopy a violent spin, and if you cut it away, you'll still have it in-tow behind you. So now you have to dump your reserve into the streamer. People have died from this. RIP John Appleton. Replace the stiffeners. ASAP!
  5. You could try this Facebook group for Aggies Over Texas: