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  1. Just got word that Dart Risley, a former Texas A&M jumper from the last 60's, has passed away on 1/31 from an unknown illness. Dart was from up in NE but was a student at Texas A&M and we jumped out at Hearne airport before moving to Caldwell and Millican. He jumped some around Texas after school but trashed his knees on a jump and had to give it up. Dart was a good guy and a lot of fun to hang around with, he passed away in San Antonio where he had resided for some years. Also found out recently that another Aggie jumper David Pierce from the same group had also passed away two tears ago. They sure were a fun group back in the day. Rick Fogle
  2. I made a jump with Robin back in September 96 at Skydive Dallas, he took this picture on that jump with a girl I took out there to do a tandem. I always liked this picture with the plane headed straight down.
  3. Hi Rick, Sorry for the long delay in my reply. My last jump at V Mills was 7-17-71 with David Pierce who recently passed away. Gary Lewis was flying a C-180. I don't believe we have jumped together but here's a picture taken at Roanoke DZ on July 26, 1970. Thats Jeff Gowan already in the plane, probably with Dirty Fred but I didn't log him. Spent yesterday jumping at Spaceland Dallas. Rick Fogle
  4. Yes thats the twin Beech, tail number N6417C. It met its end at Cleveland, Texas when it ran out of gas in the 70's. Right after Gary bought it we flew from A&M down to Baytown and picked up his dad and then flew down to Matagorda Island to do some all night floundering out on the beach. When I got in the plane at Bryan I noticed that almost every instrument had been removed from the instrument panel for service but we were VFR so off we go. Next morning flying back to Baytown it was socked in terrible so we flew down the freeway really low and took a right at the drive in movie as he knew that runway was just next to it. Sure enough there it was. Probably the diciest landing I was ever in. Last time I saw Gary was at Valley Mills when I flew a Cessna down there and got it stuck in the mud, I believe that was December 1971. I sure miss those A&M buds, they were a fun group. Whats your name, maybe we have jumped together. Rick Fogle
  5. That may have been the skydiving place out at Roanoke, Texas that was open for a while in the early 70's. I believe Tom Bishop ran it as he signed my log book numerous times. I see you dont have a license, I never had one either all the time I was jumping back then and dont ever remember anyone asking. I finally got one last year when I resumed jumping, tried to get USPA to grandfather me but no dice, had to start completely over but looking back it was the right call. Sure wish Roanoke was still open, 10 minute drive from home! Back in the summer of '70 we got the twin beech stuck there with too short of a runway to it get back out until weather cooled down and we pulled it all the way back to the fence line, wasnt sure we were going to clear the trees but we did.
  6. I was on a long distance bicycle ride a couple of years ago out by Mesquite Texas and as I was tooling along a country road I had a feeling I had been here before. I looked over to my side and there was the old Seagoville DZ, had not jumped there since August, 1970 in a C-170. What a great place to jump, my 20th jump was there in April 1969, I had just turned 18 years old and that jump was a C-180. If I remember right the runway was only a dirt strip as I have an old 8mm movie of Gary Lewis's twin beech taking off and I'm pretty sure there was no pavement. I had to laugh at the movie of the DZ, everyone had parked right by the peas, lots of people and kids hanging out all around the peas to help with the canopys after landing. It was a fun place to jump, use to jump with Harold McElfish whos dad owned the parachute shop at Love Field. My last jump there was 1970, sure miss all those guys. Took 40 years off but back jumping every few weeks and loving it.
  7. Looking for guys that jumped with the Texas A&M group around 1968-1972 to see if they would like to have a reunion and do so jumping. Looking for Dart Risley, Walter Mohn, Ed Higbee, Gary Lewis, Thomas Glaser, Dirty Fred, Jeff Gobblebutt Gowan, Harold McElfish and John Mincher (know he's around and still jumping). Jumped with these guys at Hearne, Millican, Caldwell, Seagoville, Roanoke and Valley Mills, Texas. Any of you guys around??? Rick
  8. Anyone have an old Pioneer APT1 type container/harness they would trade, sell or part with? Lost my good one in the last move and my current PC harness is too small. I think APT1 stood for Army Parachute Team 1, popular back in the 60's and early 70's. Have tried the classifieds with zero results. Thanks Rick Fogle
  9. After jumping 7TU's and 5LL's the Paracommander was much easier on the landings. I changed to a PC on my 22nd jump and thought it was really a hot parachute. When we weren't jumping (1970) we towed it behind my VW or truck and took non-jumpers for rides, letting them cut the tow rope loose and land it just fine. Nobody ever got a scratch (see pictures). We use to tow the PC behind the Preston Royal library next to the Dallas North Toll Road that was just opened, its all houses nowadays.
  10. And I was there! Its interesting to come across this post as this is what got me started into skydiving. On the day of this blimp jump I was with my father, Cdr C.C Fogle, who was a blimp pilot at Lakehurst. WE stopped by a friend of his to give him a ride to the base and that's when I found out they were going to jump that day out of the blimp. I believe it was Lt. Cdr Tom Pugh that we picked up. At the time I was a 10 year old kid and we lived on the Lakehurst Naval Air Station in the house that the Hindenberg pilots use to use when they came over. When I saw those guys jump from the back of that blimp I knew then and there I was going to jump as soon as I could. Fast forward 7 years to my freshman year at Texas A&M and I found that had a jump club that was jumping out at Hearne airport. A few weeks later I started with some static line jumps from Lt. Ed Higbees Cessna. What great times with the A&M group, Gary Lewis and the twin beech. I'll write up a whole posting about the adventures of the twin beech at Millican, Seagoville, Caldwell, Hearne, and all those places we use to jump that are long gone. I would love to connect with some of the old crowd from the late 60's and early 70's from A&M. Last time I saw most of them was at Valley Mills in the mid 70's or so. I quit jumping in the 70's but have started again out at Skydive Dallas when I can. I still have some PC's, haha. Rick Fogle