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  1. Hey, just wanted to get a feeling from a few people on something similar Im going through at the moment. I did two static line jumps, one 10 years ago, and another 3 years ago, have the voucher for the next re-train and 2 jumps. I never had any fear when the door opened, when it did, i was straight over looking out and down and when it came time to go, i went. However, my issue now is that while I would love to go and train properly, I have a relatively young family and I cannot shake the feeling that if I start jumping again (& regularly), that I wont be around to see them grow up. Does anyone else get this at all or am I just being ridiculous ....... any advice welcome......
  2. Hi Some thieves stole several dozen cases of Red Bull in a daring robbery....... I don't know how they sleep at night!!