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  1. Apparently Logan Paul (the same guy that made fun of Japanese suicides) had a reserve ride during AFF. Anyone know what happened, why he chopped, etc.?
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking to start flying a unicorn horn AKA death stick while jumping wingsuits (non-BASE) and was wondering what kind of safety risks are involved, how to mitigate them, and what advice you have to avoid entanglements. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, I'm just wondering what the characteristics and differences are between an Aerodyne Zulu and Crossfire 3. What do you think is better, or worse, and why?
  4. Hey guys, I'm just wondering what the characteristics and differences are between an Aerodyne Zulu and Crossfire 3. What do you think is better, or worse, and why?
  5. Hey guys, Who has a recommendation for a reverse facing helmet mount (aka unicorn mount, or death stick) for a GoPro 5 Black? I bought one recently from eBay and as soon as I set it up, the damn thing just flopped down and smacked my face shield due to the weight of the camera and won’t stay put. Thanks in advance for any solid recommendations!
  6. Hey guys, Who has a recommendation for a reverse facing helmet mount (aka unicorn mount, or death stick) for a GoPro 5 Black? I bought one recently from eBay and as soon as I set it up, the damn thing just flopped down and smacked my face shield due to the weight of the camera and won’t stay put. Thanks in advance for any solid recommendations!
  7. Remember when you downsized from a 260 to a 220 and couldn't do all the things that used to be easy:;#4804520? Well the Swift 1 is to the Freak 2 like a 260 is to a 135. The ATC is like a 170 in that analogy. That’s probably the best analogy someone has brought up to this point. Thanks, I’ll keep that in consideration. Another person said: “Because all dzs are different at mine most people are on freaks, c race, or auras I see a lot of people upsize fast to be able to jump with everyone else “ And that’s exactly what’s going on around the DZ’s I jump at. Everyone’s on a Freak or comparable suit. So, yes. I want to upsize quickly to fly with my friends and the “big kids” on their turf instead of them de-powering their suits and flying slow so I can keep up with them.
  8. Hey guys, I’ve been flying a Swift 1 for a while now, and I feel really confident and in control of the suit. Getting unstable and recovery isn’t a problem, I can fly an entire jump on my back, barrel roll back to back, front to front on heading, and dock/keep level and pace with other guys in flocking dives. I want to get into a Freak 2 ASAP, but, don’t have the recommended 175 jumps for it. I’m still sub 100 wing suit flights total. What are your thoughts on upsizing in wing suits VERY quickly vs going at the factory recommended pace? Inb4 YOU’LL FLAT SPIN AND KILL YOURSELF! Thanks in advance :)
  9. Yo dude! Not sure how your packing went, but, if you haven’t heard about the reverse ’S’ fold technique, inquire about it. Once I learned that, it made getting my canopy into the bag 1,000,000x easier than the standard ’S’ fold. Which I find to be the hardest part of packing. Besides that make sure your lines are always tight and even, quarter your slider (huuuuuuge important thing to do) keep your line stows on the bag on the smaller side (somewhere between 1 - 2”), and when putting the bag into the container, make sure your line stows aren’t near or touching the extra 18” or so of line slack. I was having out of the container line twist pretty consistently for a while (no, not a body position problem) and it turned out my stows were a little big, and clipping the 18” of free lines upon deployment which would spin the bag off my back and cause line twist. Here’s an example I filmed of exactly that happening: But, besides that…cock your pilot chute, close your flaps and route the bridal in accordance with the factory recommendations, and have fun!
  10. Reverse ’S’ folds saved me from crying many manly tears. It’s the only way I can get my canopy (or any canopy for that matter) into a bag.
  11. That is straight sexy. Looks like my Movoto. Too bad it's not digital. Sad face.
  12. Hey guys, I'm looking to purchase a digital altimeter, and I want the best of the best. Suggestions? Thanks!
  13. Oh, that's awesome. Well! I'm glad I bought a Voodoo Curv 2.0 then :) Thanks for all the input everyone!
  14. Hey guys and gals, I’ve got a Curv that was built for a Pilot 168 main with an optima 160 reserve that I want to eventually downsize and use a Crossfire 3 135 main with. So, what are some potential or common problems associated with using a smaller main in a container that was built for a larger one? Any first hand experience is appreciated.
  15. It's a bonehead Aero. Sorry guys, I should have specified that.
  16. Hey guys, I just hit 200 jumps and am looking to start using a go-pro. Any advice on a go-pro break away mount that would fit a bonehead full face helmet? Thanks!
  17. Jump #116. Brought my phone with me to take a selfie under canopy after clearing what I wanted to do with the S&TA. Long story short, object fixation on phone getting the "perfect" selfie and finally noticed my altitude and location at 1,000ft AGL after setting up above the DZ in the holding pattern at 3k. I ended up landing a 1/2 mile out from the DZ. Needless to say I landed in some random field and had a long walk back to the DZ then got a stern lecture from the S&TA and other very experienced jumpers on object fixation and why people shouldn't use any kind of device prior to 200 jumps under canopy or in free fall. Keeping things in perspective, I didn't get hurt, the gear wasn't damaged, nor was there any property damage. The only thing that got hurt was my pride and ego. But, I'll take a bruised ego and pride with a hard knox lesson over a broken leg or pounding in any day. Make fun of me if you want, or offer advice. I just hope anyone reading this can relay this story to a sub 200 jumper looking to use a camera before reaching the recommended jump numbers.
  18. Seriously? You need 200-500 jumps to make a beach landing? That sucks! Why is that by the way? Obviously it’s a safety reason, but, what’s the specifics on it?
  19. Hey guys, I’m traveling to Australia here pretty soon and I’m wondering if someone could help me find a DZ that will allow me to make a beach landing. I won’t be traveling with my rig either, so I’ll need to rent a one (minus alti and goggles) I’ll be in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sydney. Anything within an hour or two drive in any direction from those locations would be ideal. Thanks for the advice in advance! -D
  20. You did inline vert too? Same here. But, I was more into street skating. Ya know jumping off roofs, hitting 25+ kinked handrails etc. I also did some free rock climbing up 50’+ faces, tight rope walking 15ft up, lots of gymnastics and circus arts too among many other things. Let me clarify a few things. 1. The low 180’s was me pushing the limits of what I could (knowing now that I shouldn’t have) been doing a couple of times because, well, honestly I could and I never felt unsafe, or started them from a height I knew would bury me into the ground (350, 400’ ft up on a semi-docile wing). I also never buried the toggle all the way down. It was much more smooth than just whipping a 180 as fast and hard as I could. I regret mentioning it now. I guess I was trying to make a point (and a bad one at that). Whoops. However, the S&TA and coaches definitely gave me some shit about it after the 3rd or 4th time I did it, or maybe it was just because that was the first time they saw it. I don’t know. 2. Part of the reason I wanted a crossfire 2 150 was because I had the blessing of the S&TA, a coach and the DZ owner to get a 170 crossfire 2 that was on the market that I really wanted. But, I guess fortunately someone else beat me to the sale. So getting to why I wanted a 150… A 170 to a 150 in my mind (up until today) wasn’t that huge of a leap to make since my progression has been thus far: 260 220 210 190 170/168. But after getting my B license and doing the canopy control class that’s required to get your B now, I guess that license (along with previous said blessing, standing up in all conditions and recovering successfully from quite a few mals on a 170) gave me a little bit more confidence in my abilities that (I’m now realizing) realistically just aren’t there. So I put it up online as a litmus test to see what the reaction would be here. Because if I show up to a new DZ with 60ish jumps and a HPC based on the reactions here, it would be a good indicator of how people would react in real life. Also, it’s a form of self preservation to get truly honest non-biased opinions. So, with everything I’ve learned here, and I’ve really listened to what everyone has said I’ve decided that when I purchase my first canopy I’m going to get a Pilot 168. Those are easy to pack, fun, yet forgiving enough that if I get myself into a situation I could recover from it without burying my face into the ground at warp speed. So, thank you Dropzone for confirming what I already knew in the back of my head, yet, needed to have it confirmed by others to drown out the voice that says: “FUCK IT! JUST DO IT!” Again, thank you.
  21. I know what you’re all thinking. You’re all thinking this n00b is going to get himself killed or hurt and he’s a dumbass for even thinking this way. Well, at least I have the common sense to ask around and get feed back instead of just going to a dealer and buying one. I like getting advice online instead of in person (depending on the situation, obviously) because people are brutally honest here. In person it’s a little more friendly or wishy washy. So when I say I appreciate the feedback, and it’s truly noted, I’m not kidding. I really am thankful for the reality check you’ve all given me. Noted. Canopy control classes it is. No more low 180’s and find a way to make the canopy ride fun without getting a faster canopy. Looks like I got some training to take so I can work on new skill sets SAFELY on a rig I’m familiar with so I don’t go in by accident. I appreciate everyone looking out for me. Seriously, I really do! Just a little about me, I’ve been in high risk sports my entire life and have always pushed myself further than my skill sets should allow and walked away. But what I’m coming to terms with is that this is skydiving, it’s a much different beast, and I have to come at it with a different mindset than I’m used to. Which means just because I think I got something, doesn’t mean I actually got it. Which, for someone like me is frustrating and hard to do because historically if I get something, I got it 100% and want to move on to the next thing. So, I guess I’ll chill out, slow my roll and take baby steps with coaching supervision and briefings if I want to try something new or downsize in the future. Not only to keep myself safe, but to keep my fellow skydivers safe too. Thanks again, guys.
  22. Hey guys, Thanks for all the input, and I promise I'm not a troll. It was a serious question because for the last 30 jumps I've had, I've been flying 170's and 168's with standup landings every single time. To be quite honest, it's fairly boring for me. Because I've landed in cross winds, stronger down winds, no winds, making low 180's into a stand up landing, gotten out of line twist, toggle fires, even jumped a rig with a 170 in it that I had jumped before with out issue and ended up with reserve part of the rig pressed up against the back of my head locking it in place with chin strap instead of a chest strap; and I still stood that landing up. I'm assuming the leg straps got loose in free fall or on the plane ride up. Because they where TIGHT when I got on. So, because of those experiences, I thought well maybe I could handle a HPC like the Crossfire 2 and be OK even though on paper it doesn't look that way. I'm 170lbs maybe 190 - 200 fully loaded. And yes I do have REALLY good health insurance for those asking lol. So, I understand I'm still new, and wanting to run before I can walk, and you guys (those that have replied) all have 1'000's of jumps because you either narrowly escaped a tragic landing and learned from it, or played it safe and followed progression. So I really do appreciate the input! I guess I just wanted to see what the general opinion would be from others. So, thank you for the resounding "ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID?!" I'll just get a Pilot 168, jump that for another couple hundred jumps and then move into a HPC some time after I get my C license and a wingsuit. Cheers, -D
  23. Hey guys, I'm about to purchase my first rig and I'm seriously looking at getting a 150 Crossfire 2 for my main. Do you think I should hold off until the Crossfire 3 comes out? Or is there another high performance canopy similar to a Crossfire 2 that's zippy and fun I should be looking into? Also, what are your thoughts on a Crossfire 2 in general? PS I have a B license now, not just an A. Waiting on USPA to send me my new card to update info. Thanks!
  24. Hey guys, This is probably a dumb question, and I'm sure there's a great explanation for this. But I was watching how the 3 ring system detaches and it seems like the 2nd middle ring is completely unnecessary. Why not just use 2 rings instead of 3?