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  1. Highly recommend Para Concepts. Ottawa, IL
  2. Thanks for all the awesome ideas, everyone!! Can't wait to try them out
  3. We all do, but the OP didn't, and I explained to them why Caravan was jokingly mentioned in the first reply. But sure, let's not do that, why should they know things if we already do, right? Don't assume - I'm well aware, but I'm simply referring to a Cessna 182. Yea, I could have put that originally, but I figured it would be self explanatory (as I would have put Caravan, Otter, Skyvan, King Air, etc if I was referring to one of those). As @DougH mentioned "we also all know that the OP isn't referring to a turbine Caravan or Grand Caravan." Blue skies
  4. Totally agree, but, this particular jump won't be out of a Caravan... Cessna at my home dz
  5. What are some fun 2-way jumps from a Cessna!?