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  1. I can think of many things that are simpler... watching porn, taking a nap, petting my dog, watching porn... but none of these things get me closer to my goal of falling from high places.
  2. OK- so the way I'm reading this is their AFP Phase I is essentially the AFF program- 7 jumps to get certified to solo jump as a student. Phase II is 9 more jumps with a trainer to give further coaching and teach the skills needed for an A license. This puts total number of jumps at 16. 9 more jumps meets the 25 minimum for A license, and having already completed the other requirements for it, A license is basically complete at this point. Total estimated cost for all 25 jumps is around $3000, give or take. Is this about in line with what others have experienced? The Phase II is not required, but does seem like a really good idea to have the extra instruction and build good habits during these early jumps.
  3. Sorry man, I forgot to post it by the time I finished. I added it to the first post.
  4. I'll post a link at the bottom of this to show you what I'm looking at. A nearby DZ has a Phase I and a Phase II AFF program. Is the Phase I useful at all by itself? What does that allow me to do? I suppose I'm just trying to figure out if I spend $1500 on taking the course, what did I get for it, and what is the deal with the second class? I'll didn't want to call and ask because I won't be able to go for at least another month and didn't want to waste their time. EDIT: here's the link
  5. I'm pretty sure I gave you some answers that might be offensive or rated R. Sorry man, but it is what it is.
  6. I would completely agree with you if magazine capacity were the only issue being debated, but other firearm features besides magazine capacity are being demonized and written into a ban proposal- adjustable stocks (so me, my wife, and my child can all use the same rifle), pistol grips (because that makes the gun more deadly?), flash hiders (nobody likes to be temporarily blinded by the muzzle flash of their own firearm), and many other characteristics that have nothing at all to do with the actual function of a firearm. The purpose of this ban legislation is to remove firearms from the public and get those that remain to be registered with the .gov.
  7. Only an uneducated 16 year old should be forbidden to use a firearm. What is the problem with teaching and instilling safe gun handling and procedures at a young age? If a child is taught to respect and care for a firearm, they are much less likely to misuse one or cause an accident due to lack of knowledge or experience. I have seen 12 year olds handle full size handguns better than half the people that frequent my local indoor range. It all depends on the child, their parents, and how much time and energy the parents are willing to devote to ensuring proper handling skills are learned and retained. The first video is of a child who obviously has been taught how to handle a firearm. The second video is of a grown man who needs to be treated like a child.
  8. Some moron shooting himself in the penis should not be reason for anybody to do or not do anything at all. If you start down that road, any and every action can be interpreted as a reason to modify a person's behavior. If I sneezed on a Tuesday, would your reaction be 'Everybody should carry a hanky all the time, especially on Tuesdays!" ????
  9. [replyJust a 16-year-old shooting himself in the face. No big deal! Happens everywhere! It wouldn't happen if guns weren't lying around loose all over... I visited many locations over the past few weeks, and nowhere at or between any of those locations was a single gun "lying loose all over" anywhere. Please tell me where you have witnessed such a thing- I want to go there.
  10. I never said anything about shooting people who disagree with me. As a gun owner, I have a legal and ethical obligation to use my firearms responsibly. Using weapons to get my way would be both unethical as well as criminal. I will, however, shoot anybody who poses an immediate threat to my life or that of another. By the way, it is also criminal to fire upon a person in self defense in any manner except that which is intended to kill; warning shots or any shot aimed at something besides center mass/head shots is heavily punishable by law. ...based upon how squeamish you are over the idea of violence and how skittish you are around things that go "pop," you are probably a shit-dick...
  11. This isn't a representation of how gun owners view others, this is a representation of how sensible people view morons. You're not getting it. I don't carry a pistol with me because I am afraid of getting attacked or robbed- I carry a pistol with me because if I need to defend myself or somebody else for ANY reason, it just makes the job easier. It's just having the right tool for the right job. Why put myself within arm's reach of a person intent on doing harm if I don't have to? Oh I know you think it's not manly to carry a gun! Would it be more manly to attempt to disarm an armed aggressor by pretending I'm Chuck Norris? It would be more manly to build houses with your bare hands too, but there are tools to make it easier. I bet you're one of those cream puffs that wears seat belts, aren't you? Seat belts are only for those who are afraid of getting ejected from their vehicle during a crash. Oh, I bet you're such a weakling that you also wear a parachute when skyding!! HAHA only people afraid of landing too hard wear parachutes. Do you wear shoes? Lame, man. Only wimps wear shoes because they are afraid of all the little things that could hurt their tender feet. So lame, how do you deal with all of these fears? I'm surprised you're able to even leave the house! I joined the Marines because I know shit-dicks like you are too afraid to do it. And do tell about these "assault rifles" that you have. Do they fire full auto or burst? How much did you pay for them? Registered receivers or did you use a DIAS or other conversion?
  12. I have never bought a firearm out of fear. It's a fun hobby just like you enjoy skydiving and some folks enjoy fishing or motorcycles or whatever. They are just cool little mechanical gadgets that bring joy to the user. You don't fuss about people practicing archery, but a firearms enthusiast is somehow different? Fear? I don't by guns because I fear the government- I buy guns because the government should fear its people. It fears me, but I have a feeling it likes kids like you who willingly drop their pants every time Uncle Sam wants some lovin'. Yes, I said kids- you gonna let somebody tell you what to do and how to think, just like mommy did? Grow the fuck up and be a man.
  13. I tried to warn you guys. Yeah, this guy is almost too off-the-wall to be real. I hope he's the one they send to confiscate my guns. For the record, the American people have a RESPONSIBILITY to keep the government in check when it oversteps its boundaries or acts against the best interest of the people. The government is supposed to fear its citizens, and the only way they can fear us is if we have the power to make them afraid. The government is doing all it can to take away our power to protect our own best interests. I want guns not so I can harm others or "take down" the government, I want guns to protect my rights and the rights of others- unless I have a reason to use my firearms in such a manner, they are cool little gadgets to collect and sometimes shoot for enjoyment. Maybe we should address a much more urgent and deadly topic, like obesity. Mandatory physical evaluation for every citizen, and food rationed out only according to true physiological needs. This way, nobody would be obese, BILLIONS of dollars would be saved in health care costs and money spent on superfluous food items, and at the same time the government could feed us just enough to survive but not enough that anybody would have the energy or strength to fight back. Couple that with a ban on all firearms, and it would be laughably easy to herd us into the gas chambers.
  14. If we treated cocaine the way we do guns, it would be available for sale just for the asking in every street corner phamacy, to anyone who asked for it. What condition would society be in then? We would have so many zombie crack-heads stumbling around that it would be a disaster. Just like gun violence is. Dangerous products like cocaine and guns shouldn't be handed out like candy on halloween. Nevermind the studies of localities that loosen gun laws allowing the citizens to more easily arm themselves- you know, the ones that all resulted in lower crime rates? It's been covered exhaustively, and it is proven that a higher percentage of the population with guns results in lower crime rates. Would you rob somebody or break into their house if you thought they were armed? Would you smart off to somebody or be blatantly disrespectful to somebody when they have a gun on their hip? Laws aside, people have tempers and most folks don't want to piss off or threaten somebody with a gun.