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  1. Wendy: Thanks for the ID on the canopy. I guess "goofy" was a bit strong....but I was a "rookie" at the time and had to jump a "Round" (T-10) and then a PC before I could jump a square. Perry Stevens was a stickler on that point. I could at least tell the difference between a Cloud and a Star!Appreciate your feedback and your other posts here! Doc
  2. This is a pic I took of Merle McCoy under canopy at Antioch DZ circa 1979-1980. I don't remember what that goofy canopy was, but everyone should remember his red jumpsuit. If anyone is in touch with Merle, let him know I have this pic in 8X10 and will get it to him, or he can see it here. Swimdoc
  3. HEY PAT: I knew I had this pic somewhere, but that was two wives ago and thought maybe I had lost it. But, this is a shot I took of Merle McCoy under canopy at Antioch, circa 1979-80. I don't remember what that goofy canopy was that he was jumping, but you all should remember his red jumpsuit. I saw Merle at the Reunion last year, and at the time I had not located this picture. I wanted to give it to him. If anyone is in contact with Merle, let him know I have this pic in 8X10 and will be glad to get it to him, and he can have a look here attached. ' Swimdoc
  4. Hey Jim: Speaking of the picture, do you know if we can get a copy or if there is a site where the pics are going to be put up for us to see? Doc
  5. To all who attended the NorCal Old Timers this weekend it was really great catching up with you ladies and gentlemen. A special thank you to Marta and Jill, Dick and everyone who helped put it together. This was my first reunion (after 38 years) but I plan on attending the next (if I get invited back.....). Special thanks to Paul Landry for the great pic from Antioch which you graciously signed. I wish Perry had been able to make it but we gave "him" a great toast in absentia.....HIM...HIM.... Please stay in touch. Doc
  6. Senior moment there...they don't call it the "old timers" group for nothing...October 7-9, but most things happening on Saturday, October 8th. Hope to see you there. Doc
  7. For anyone going to the NORCAL Reunion 2016, I found a few old Antioch PICs. Anyone recognize these people? Hope to see you there...Doc
  8. I forgot to mention, I don't do facebook..sigh
  9. Hey buddy. I'm gonna make every effort to be in attendance, and hopefully bring along a surprise plus 1. How do I get in contact with Martha? Doc
  10. DUDE: Thanks for your service Devil Doc! Navy Corpsman here myself. RVN 72 Swimdoc
  11. Totally agree this is the best post so far. Great wordsmithing there mate. Swimdoc
  12. Jumping a PC in Antioch. I had about 35 freefalls, (numerous static line jumps in the military). It was "last lift" and I had not finished repacking the PC. Someone told me to hurry up and I could make the last lift jump which was usually at dusk. I had never done it so as I looked at the stabilizers I just quickly stowed them and closed it up. I dumped at 2500 and one of the stabilizers was all balled up and the PC started to spin. I don't know why I tried to clear it but I did and almost immediately the canopy pitched into a dive while spinning violently. I was actually above the canopy swinging when I managed to cutaway. It took me a bit to get stable and then I dumped my reserve. Upon opening, I looked at my altimeter and it was about 1100'. Lesson: Should have packed it like I was taught and never mess around too long with a spinning malfunction. Here is a pic of that same PC (at Antioch). Glad you are all writing about this rather than someone else writing about you.....Blue skies mates! Swimdoc
  13. Sandy. That is a classic story and reminds me of my most dangerous (stupid) jump. Four of us from Antioch were doing a night demo jump into a college football game in Northern California. Gus Evans, Jim Barnhill, Mike Saculla and I. When we took off the winds were "gusting" above 25 knots but we shrugged it off. No guts. No glory. I was jumping a Star and the other 3 had Clouds so we figured we would be ok. Besides, we were promised beer and cheerleaders....We were jumping from a Cessna that did not have the doors or seats removed and on jump run the pilot had to "crab" the plane so we could exit. Jim and Gus went first and were going to open at about 3000. Mike and I went next and pushed against the door to exit and it was a struggle. I got out and the door slammed on Mike's jumpsuit leg. As I was falling I could see him flying away stuck to the plane. Shit! Apparently the pilot managed to kick the door and Mike fell free. Did I mention we had smoke? We fell to 2500 (or lower...) and opened. I was sure sweating a reserve ride because at that time, our reserves were 26' Navy Conicals and in those winds,....well it would have been ugly. The entire descent we were "holding" and we were still being blown backwards towards the stadium. Because I was jumping a Star and weighed more than these guys I started to get some "penetration" and made for the stadium. As I got below the rim of the stadium I was getting some good forward drive. That's when the wind from the open tunnel (the stadium was a "U" shape) hit me. I lost a couple of cells and was pumping like mad at about 100 feet. I managed to get my canopy back just as I burned in. Dang close to the 50 yard line I might add. The cannons went off. The crowd roared. And that was it. No cheerleaders. No co-eds. No further "penetration".....the other three managed to run off and land in the soccer field to the east. All I remember was hitting, PLF'ing and hoping my legs didn't break. Not a scratch. Someone got a pic of me burning in which is attached. I can laugh about it now. The only thing missing was a nude jumper (ahem) on the demo... Swimdoc