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  1. I stopped by there a month back. They arent there anymore. There was no explaination why. I sent a request to get the dropzone removed from the list.
  2. I'm guessing the leg harness is under his pants. It's a 2 piece suit.
  3. In relation to post about AADs (http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?do=post_view_flat;post=4664750;page=1;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;mh=25;) I was wondering about audible alerts and being Deaf. Has there been any visual alerts rather than audible alerts? Such as a LED light in helmet just off the periphial view that goes off or something?
  4. Then go through aff training all over again unless your brother has a license or you have no intention or returning to the skies.
  5. Hello, I'm that friend he was talking about. Sorry took so long to reply (3 day grace period) :( as for the question of if I had anything "else" wrong with me. There was nothing to indicate that. I walked up to front desk, told them I'm deaf and wanted to do T2 jump. They gave me a waiver form and while I was filling it out, not even to the point of "do you have any medical issues", Instructor came out and told me I can't do that jump due to radio. He also said can't do T2 jump because he's behind me and can't give me instructions. As if a simple tap on the left/right shoulder to say pull left/right won't do either. I explained about paddles and he just referred me to other DZ hours away from CZ. Overall I get the impression he wasn't comfortable training a Deaf person at all or any person who prefers paddles/flags and I wasn't going to push it beyond having someone else teach him how to handle Deaf divers, but he was saying can't even do paddles/flags at that place. A lot of people tend to take the slow, tedious communication as a sign of lower intellect, and it is usually not the case. I've gotten 2 black belts, scuba certification and red cross water safety instructor certification all without the need for interpretor and minimal writing needed. Most of the time I just employ the use of "monkey see, monkey do". With a lot of pre-research such as reading these forums, youtube videos and for this sport I'm finding the online riggers handbook very helpful. so to the point, yes, he did reject me without questioning, without knowing anything about me beyond the fact that I'm Deaf. But I wouldn't want an instructor like that anyway. This sport is about second chances, that's why we got reserve chutes.