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  1. Well, the marketing team isn't doing too good for Hilton if you think Doubletree is a Marriott property.
  2. It's almost like the snatch was designed specifically to stop the oscillation...
  3. Nice. Right now I have 2 rigs also, but if I can get a 150 (or maybe a 170) I can just swap out canopies based on need and I can sell/trade my second rig for some paragliding gear. So, let us know!
  4. I have a VC1 also, I emailed squirrel and Mike suggested a 150. Let me know how the 170 fits! What canopy are you using in the Curv now? Do you plan on swapping canopies depending on what kind of jumping you want to do?
  5. Right, but what he is also saying, your friends didn't even have to get their A, could have went straight to C, with enough jumps in 60 days.
  6. No, I think we are now talking about the present but, I never really know.
  7. Do you see the confusion that created? There is more than one Vancouver.
  8. Just to clarify, you still do not need to "get" a lower license to receive a higher license. That is, you do not need to "get" an A License to receive a B License, etc. However, you need to meet all the qualifications of the lower license to receive the higher license. You do not need to be issued, or pay for, the lower license if you do not wish to receive the lower license. Mike Mullins USPA National Director I know I shouldn't even be trying to correct a National Director, but.... To me it's pretty clear you must have an A license to get a B... and in turn, to get a C, meet the requirements for B, which is to have obtained an A license. Opposed to "meeting the requirements for the A license." Respectfully, WstCstCmtr
  9. Wow. The terminal is making me feel pretty dumb. Is this how my grandparents feel about their computer? If anyone is on a mac and feels like helping me out maybe we can set up a gchat/imessage intervention?
  10. Hongcouver is my wife's hometown and was my home for a while. I am not chinese, but when I put what country I live in that's what it chooses... In his profile it says Vancouver, China... I don't think that place exists... Thread drift is the best drift. Does MSP cover skydiving?
  11. Ya, I was there in October, they literally just got the new plane from Germany (i think) a couple weeks before... Check their FB page for pictures.
  12. Perris/Elsinore and Taft are probably pretty similar distances... but having jumped at both Taft is fun and more personal and laid back I'd say, probably just because there are less jumpers. But at the same time you're not gonna crank out 10 jumps a day.
  13. If you live in BC why do you have a chinese flag?
  14. That's just the price you'll pay for living in Asia. I'm in HK and did my A in Thailand... Once you have your license it definitely opens up jumping on work trips etc... From Japan, it is probably cheaper to get a flight to SFO and go to Lodi to do your A, then you can go fun jump in Thailand!