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  1. I just recently moved to NC and have been jumping at paraclete. I was hoping to find someone to teach me to fly, but I can't find any wing suites out here. I'm trying to do it right and get some solid instruction before trying it out. Tganks for any info!!
  2. As far as your license goes, did you go to Navy or Army? Navy does a much better job of tracking jumps in relation to AFF. Your log book should be more than enough. I did one transition BOC jump and I was good.
  3. I'm a military jumper as well and was doing the same thing a couple years ago. I bought a Wings because of the discount, and I'm now on my second one. Go for it. The discount is worth it, but quality as well. I jump a Javelin with a spectre 170 at work and I don't notice the differences between containers. As far as canopy goes demo everything you can. Call the makers and they are always happy to help. If you cant do that buy used canopies and put a few jumps on them. If you don't like it then sell it, you almost always break even. I would buy based on the current performance and size of what you jump at work though.
  4. Look at dive bags. I use a US Dive Supply bag. It has a main compartment perfect for a rig and long pockets for everything else. Also has backback straps.
  5. I have, and I've done it. I just love the DZ atmosphere and the fall is fun...but opening and flight is just the best part for me.
  6. I've had some issues and arguments about this at various DZs. I enjoy being under canopy and flying much more than the fall. It has brought up some safety/load organizing issues with some when I want to pull high. I try to be last out when I can or when it makes sense, but am I wrong with a 6k opening if it is safely done? I get strange looks but the flight is the best part for me.
  7. Thanks for the help everyone. You're right, it's not cheap. But it's also not easy finding a complete rig that fits in a short amount of time. I'm gonna keep checking the classifieds though...
  8. I've thought about it but I dont really have the extra cash. I'm buying a rig in a couple months but really wanted to use the cash I do have to go towards jumps and not an old rig. I know I'll get the money back later, but dont really have the excess to do it.
  9. It really depends what dropzone you're at and how familiar they are with military jumpers. I've seen it go both ways, but documentation is key. I took a printoff of my jump records from my unit which showed aircraft, altitude, dates, etc. I just had to do the math on my FF time. Still took about 3 coach jumps to get the license. Money well spent though. Big difference between the old MC5 used at MFF and a sport rig. Ultimately it is the instructors name blessing you off, so it is totally up to them. Also, which school did you go to or going to? The Navy school can do your license at the end of the course.
  10. Does anyone know if anyone does long term rig rentals? I dont have my own yet and I'm going on a vacation and looking for a rig I can stick with for a month rather than renting something new at every DZ. Plus I'm shooting for over 100 jumps which would get expensive after a while. Thanks!
  11. I've tried everything and I could not get them to pay for it. Out of pocket is the only way to go with a rigger's ticket. I dont know where youre stationed but if you have jumpers at your base get with their rigger shop. Our riggers are all FAA master riggers as well as military riggers...jumpers too. That's what I've been doing, they've let me get some good practice in before I go to the rigger's course.
  12. Thanks for all the input on this! As with most first time buyers I've already got my eyes on some new stuff. I'll probably end up upgrading it with a new wings container with their awesome discounts! But if the rig I'm looking at will get me in the sky safely for the next 6 months I'll be pretty happy. It's going straight to a master rigger next week and with the low jump numbers it has, I'm pretty confident it's gonna pass. Right now I'm looking for something that will get me to around 100 jumps (50 more) before I really get into freefly or serious RW, and by then I should have a new container. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!
  13. Yeah, I'm definately having it checked out but is a vector 2 container from 94 ever going to "expire"? I'm a military jumper and I know our rigs have a shelf life to include the container so do I need to worry about a container ever being out of date regardless of the condition?
  14. I'm fairly new to jumping (45 jumps) and am looking at buying my own rig. I've been surfing the classifieds for months and have noticed some great rigs with a DOM from the early nineties. I know what I want (RSL, AAD, etc) and I'm finding what I want in newer and older systems. What is the shelf life or exp date of a container? I'm not too concerned with the canopy because I'm more concerned with jump numbers than age but is there any thing wrong with buying a 25 year old container with only 200 jumps? Thanks!