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  1. Easiest solution would be to just strap carry the rig threw security than put it into the gear bag once you are threw. If they give more problems in a bag.
  2. That sounded like a bad day, I know its hit or miss, my brother just shoulder strapped his rig from buffalo to Arizona and never had an issue. All depends on the TSA guys you get I suppose, but if worst comes to worst I will always check my gear before opening it up in the airport.
  3. The Ogio 9800 is an awesome bag, looked it it previously it's just massive. If only they made the same bag in a smaller version that would have been golden.
  4. I will spend some time looking for the FAA doc. Yeah measurements are a must, I have an old J5K rig at the moment I can use for reference until my new one arrives. I just really like the idea of a split bag with enough room on both the bottom and top panels to isolate the rig from the rest of the gear. Not many bags like that on the market. On the plus I fly so much I get up to 3 free checked bags up to 75lbs so thats never a concern as well a premier boarding so first dibs on overheads
  5. Where do I get the FAA documents for the AAD? The carry-on dimensions are really variable, I fly United mostly and their size limit is 22x14x9, but other carriers will allow 24x16x10 so as long as I am within that range I doubt I will have a problem unless its a short flight and a small plane in which case they make you gate check most all bags, but those get handed right back after you land. I do have a larger rig (J4.5K w/ 210 Main/218 reserve and am particular about my gear and organization so if I wanted it all in one bag I need one that will be larger) The other benefit of getting something large enough means I can use it locally as well as I have 3 local DZ's I jump at and many more within a days drive so its just convenient to be able to carry everything in one location and not worry about forgetting anything Another option I found was a Patagonia (24x15x9) Although a bit pricey. Also when you do check your rig, do you do anything special to secure the pins/flaps/handles etc... so if it does get inspected you know wither or not those where touched.
  6. Looking for some options for a good quality gear bag, something large enough to hold all my gear (Rig, Helmet, Altimeter, Suit, etc..) I travel a lot for work, mostly overseas trips and am now starting to get to the point where I want to Jump everywhere I go. (Europe, Beijing, Australia). Something big enough to have enough campartments to isolate the rig from other gear, but hopefully something small enough to still be a carry-on (22x14x9) is the max legal size which is about a 46L bag by most companies. Now I found the Dakine 65L split roller to be about the perfect bag as far as design and compartment structure but it is slightly to large (28x14x12) What is everyone else using that travels a lot? Also if I cannot find anything that suits my needs small enough in a carry on what precautions do I need to take if I need to check the bag (Or is this too risky in general and should no even be an option)
  7. Currently jumping an original J5 with a DOM 07/96, love the rig compared to all the student rigs I have jumped it is incredibly comfortable and hugging during maneuvers. Looking to upgrade and am hearing some mixed thoughts on it being really free-fly friendly. Specifically in regard the main pin flap tuck tab, I personally and have heard from many reviews that this tab comes open exposing your main pin. I do not free-fly but on a semi erratic 2 way exit I had my flap come open (I did not experience a deployment and was able to pull normally) but this is definitely a concern of mine. I guess am I being paranoid, or is this a real issue? If so can the tab be extended or is their a fix to this? I know pack volume has a lot to do with it, my current rig is a J5 which fits a ZP 240 max main, I currently have a low bulk F111 PD-230 which is quite smaller than its max rated size and my tab still came undone. The rig I am looking at will be a J4.5 rated at 210 Max, and I will be putting either a Pilot or Safire 2, 210 in it meaning it will be at max volume and would be more prone than my current rig. Thank