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  1. 9 cell pilot got me. As mentioned above PD Spectre with dacron lines.
  2. The DZ is focused on tandems, but what small DZ with a turbine isn't. I've never been bumped off a load to make space for a tandem. They're on a small airport (still plenty of area for students to land) surrounded by Nickajack lake, rolling hills, and Prentice Cooper state forest. That all adds up to a great view at altitude. Nice DZ for fun jumpers, there is usually a small group around on the weekend.
  3. Somewhere between my 15th-20th wingsuit jump I was in a four way with a few good friends that I trusted to fly with (none of us had any real wingsuit experience) . Around 5k (this was also our agreed upon break off altitude) I rolled to my back, and flew under a friend. We made eye contact, and I rolled back over. That’s when I was hit in the back of the head hard enough to knock off my rear facing gopro and audible that was mounted on the outside of my helmet. Around 3.5k I came to under a good main canopy with no memory of deployment and very distorted vision that lasted about 10 very scary seconds. We all made it back to the dz for uneventful landings.
  4. My brother just received his new R-Bird II, and we were surprised how much the R-Bird has grown. The photo attached shows his new R-bird II (red) laid over my PF Venom . That’s the venom’s black tail sticking out. For a size comparison: He is 5’10’’ and 135lb I am 5’11’’ and 165lb Build quality looks really good. Delivery time was about a week longer than they projected. It also came with the fast back option, that he didn’t order.
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