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  1. djar


    I took my rig along for my holiday in israel. Mailed both dropzones in israel, skykef and paradive, and asked if it would be ok to jump with them as a beginner. I had about 80 jumps since my AFF nine month ago. Paradive is a tandem only dropzone, so there was only skykef. The dropzone is located near Beer Sheva. It is a 70 minutes drive from Tel Aviv, depending on the traffic. They jump on friday and saturday. Jumping started at about 12:00 on friday and 08:30 on saturday. The airport is busy with other small planes and glider pilots. The local rigger checked my documents and someone showed me the landing area and explained everything. The had a skyvan that had the engine running all day, even for fueling. The boarding area is directly at the taxiway, so you don't have to walk in the heat that far. And beeing used to more mild temperatures, hot it was. I did 5 jumps, despite the fact that they were shoveling tandems all day and i'am packing very slowly. There were packers that cared for the tandem rigs and the rental rigs, and some busy work jumpers. I packed myself, but got help with reatatching my main after a cutaway on the ground due to high winds. Jumping was great. Did i mention it was hot? The landing area is huge, but only a small patch of it has gras, which is used mostly for the tandems. Everybody was friendly and helpfull, so i felt welcome even as a beginner, jumping the first time away from home. The winds were sketchy for me, the local jumpers seemed to be more used to jump in higher winds The ticket costs 220 ILS if you have your own gear. Gear rental might be possible, but bringing your own stuff simplifies things a lot. Almost everybody speaks english, so i was fine even without speaking hebrew. You might ask arround a little bit because the signs, manifest documents etc. were hebrew only, but it was no big deal. The manifest made sure i knew when my load was comming up. When returning to israel, i will come back for sure.