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  1. I started getting a bunch of weird emails from this guy saying he wanted to buy my Safire 2 for his Son. He even started texting me on 202-507-9268. Wouldnt tell me where I needed to ship the canopy, just that he was sending me a bank check for the purchase. His emails were odd in that he didn't use proper english or words. He went as far as sending me a usps tracking number for the check he was sending me. The check track started ou near San Juan Puerto Rico. Whenever I asked him detailed information he always gave me some strange answer. His email address that he is using is [email protected]
  2. I was just down at Flock and Dock with Jonathan and I have to say his enthusiasm and sense of humor was the best....he was a very funny guy. He taught me a lot and despite the "Rock Star" wingsuiter he was he always had time to teach the young wingsuiters. You will be missed Johnny....rest in peace and blue skys forever! Rob
  3. So has anyone out there flown both the Scorpion AND the Colugo 2? If so what would you recommend as far as all around better suit?
  4. Better yet jump without any type of altimeter for more fun!
  5. i just want something simple that will fit nicely into my G3 and is easy to use. I have a wrist altimeter as well that I will continue to use. Thanks for the education on the dytter. btw love the quote at the bottom of your post! rob
  6. Hi I have a Cookie G3 and want to get a good inexpensive dytter for the helmet. Any recommendations?