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  1. charshakh

    Saba Sky Diving

    Almost same design as skyventure AZ. When it windy outside the air inside the tunnel gets very turbulent and the tunnel stalls often. Staffs are not well trained, but overall ok.
  2. Anyone with a list of containers with the cutter located above the PC? I can think of Mirage, Icon, Infinity... What else ? Any guesses on why it is more critical when the cutter is located above the PC?
  3. Hey there, My 4-way RW-team and I are planing the next season ahead of us and in our "research" we found a "cheap"-tunnel (apx. 650 USD/hour) in Moscow, Freezone, which is also a bit larger than Bodyflight Bedford's tunnel. (0,5 ft larger). However we are hearing very various responses and feedbacks about the tunnel. Therefore I would like to ask if any of you have tried to fly in the 16.5 ft Freezone tunnel? How is the airflow? Staff? Accommodation and getting past the Russian border control? Any information will help us! Thanks in advance!
  4. Tried a SIL 150 for about 10 jumps at 1.15:1! It was HELL OF FUN to fly but landings wasn't that fun... The canopy couldn't flare at all...