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  1. But you cant buy the recon HUD anymore, it was a one off batch.
  2. Why thank you, I thought it up myself
  3. I do, and I have jumped lots of other canopies in that size range, just nothing with a exit weight so low. Think I'm gonna stick to the manufactures recommendations and stay away
  4. Thanks Bigun, your answer was the best of all!
  5. Just re-read my original post. I was talking about an Electra 150, not the SIL. My mistake, poorly worded :-) I have jumped a 150 SIL and was happy with it, but the Electra 150 has a MAX exit weight of 70KG. I know this is out of my weight limits (most people over 6ft too) it was more of me just enquiring as to why an intermediate eliptical canopy has a MAW of 70kg, just seems significantly lower than any other canopy,
  6. Sorry, but where did I say I had 240 jumps? I said I had 240 on that canopy... Was asking about the canopy
  7. Hey I currently jumping a PD silehoutte 170. I have 240 jumps on it and wanted to downsize to a 150. I have the option of an Electra 150 locally but had some questions. Why is the max weight on it so low?!! It looks like its set at a wingloading of 1.0.. Is a wl of 1.25-1.3 just going to pop the cells?