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  1. So I have heard of riggers using expired cypres 2 in their own rigs... Why is this a bad idea if there are any... just trying to learn the reasons why ssk doesn't recommend using past 12 years... also from what I understand the cypres will still work... is his true?
  2. I was in the hospital with my broken femurs and ass when this happened! So broke my legs swooping... so I was on some pretty heavy drugs I had a bunch of friends coming in and out of the hospital to see me... some brought in e cigs, and some brought e cigs with wax in them... one of these got left behind in my room... late in the night security came and insisted on searching my room bc they smelled pot earlier...( I feel they should've searched when they smelled it originally, I feel like I was singled out or entrapped ((might not be using that word correctly)) I told them go ahead and search. I pointed out a sunglasses case on a desk though was not mine and I had not idea who's it was... well sure enough there was wax in that case. I found out I had a warrant and turned myself in with a bond 3 months after I had been out of hospital... I just set a jury trial to fight this charge which is a felony... the prosecution had been delaying and offering me a bunch of bs deals. I know I am innocent, and I feel they are wasting their time and money pursuing this case. My defense is that I was all fucked up on drugs and had no idea any of that stuff was going around, thought it all to be e cigs... the prosecution will not drop the case bc they are hung up on the fact I pointed out the drug... when I told them they could search I let them know everything that was mine and what was not (the sunglasses case). I want to hear yalls opinion on this... I believe I will win, I want to hear what y'all think of the case and if there is any advice y'all may have for me! Thank you! Feel free to ask questions
  3. 3. Stow brakes- Stow brakes in landinging area before walking in, while stowing hold both toggles in hand do not let go till stowed... By doing these things you will prevent your brake lines from twisting and entangling with the rest of the lines. Also your packer will love you. I was told to do this when I was young in the sport and try to pass this knowledge on. I have rigger OCD and I can't stand it when people land and rush to get inside for no reason. Take the extra 30 seconds to stow your brakes after landing, it is mich easier to stow them when your rig is on rather than kneeling. My $0.02. Also when kicking out of line twists, think about arching while kicking, it will prevent the canopy from trying to dive on you as well as just building good muscle memory, for when you have a canopy that will dive in you in linetwists! It sounds like you didn't even try to fight to get out of the linetwists, never give up! When did you pull and when did you cut away?
  4. I'm going to try and put a pdr 113 into a mirage mzs container(container sized for pdr 106 or optimum 113). I am wondering if anyone has ever attempted this setup, and if so are there any tips and tricks. I've been able to put various sizes of mains into mirages that mirage did not have listed on that particular size of container. So I've made an assumption that I can play with the reserve sizes as well... thank you for any help
  5. Do they make go pro tongue switches? If not could they be made?
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijbfIAxqmoI Spinning linetwist fun! A senior instructor told me to Arch when I find myself under spinning line twists. This has gotten me out of a few hairy situations, this being one of them. This changes your center of gravity and you find yourself under a level wing able to kick(variables permitting). This happened bc I free stowed my lines (2 locking stows) in the main tray, got riser slap on my camera which caused the bag to spin bc I was not going terminal. Thought I'd share the knowledge!
  7. Hey does anyone have a split rig from mirage? If you do would you please pm me. Id like to see some pictures of it.
  8. Looks like it's a sort of pull out system but instead of you pulling out the pin to release pc you pull a ripcord which "pushes" out the pc. You pack a reg non spring loaded on top of a spring. Pull the ripcord it deploys the spring and pushes out the pc. Connection goes as (these are just my thoughts) Non spring pilot chute, bridle, bridle feeds into spring, spring goes in container (probably duel pin main) pack spring pin it, stow bridle on top of spring as well as pc.
  9. Does anybody have any info or link to this crossfire 3 I keep hearing about? Thanks in advanced!
  10. [url]https://www.facebook.com/groups/868061509910956/?ref=notif¬if_t=group_added_to_group
  11. A new group on fb has arrived "skydiving singles fun" go!
  12. the above post from eriklivesfr33 was actually by me forgot to logout of my buddies account.
  13. Do some reach on the "tile", could have it sewn into risers or canopy warning label.
  14. I'm sorry you got a pilot. I don't like them at all for newer jumpers no bottom end flare. Also I'm a little bias I love sabre 2s. I've seen a lot of people hurt themselves with pilots not flaring them correctly, You have to do it just right with them or it's gonna hurt a bit.
  15. I love my UPT bag. Any stow less bag will have locking stows. The 2 locking stows double stowed help make the openings better then a magnet (insert rigger's comment on why magnet bags are bad, I believe it's the way magnets come apart and the way the bag deploys the magnets don't come apart properly and things can get stuck). This bag makes my opening so consistent every time bc that bag gets pulled straight off your back with a bunch of force not being interrupted by other stows. When the bag gets to the end of the lines it quickly rips apart those locking stows so fast that the parachute comes straight out of the bag every time. Whereas if you had a regular bag the parachute could come out all distorted from the stows swaying the bag as it comes off ones back. I did tests when I had to borrow another rig without a stowless. The parachute would inflate sometimes off heading, in line twists, or not inflate from the center cell first bc the way it came out of the bag. I was also having hard opening bc of this phenomena 1/3 openings. I put my stowless bag on this rig and wallah no more stupid openings! :)p Ps there is no such thing as a fully stowless bag. Get UPTs they've done so much research on theirs and there is a reason they don't use magnets. My .002 hope this helps