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  1. Three forks / DZone - Bozeman, is a non USPA group member dropzone. However, we still adhere to USPA BSR’s. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  2. acidmike

    Crossfire 149

    I had a cutaway at Skydive Idaho in Star, and I wasn't able to locate or retrieve my parachute after I landed. I would be extremely grateful if it was returned to Skydive Idaho off Highway 44, 24005 North Can Ada road near north west of Star. The colors a
  3. On my new rig I was thinking of getting FML on cutaway and NVM on the reserve. But I decided to get the d handle, so just my cutaway says FML.
  4. I plan to head up on the 3rd but it will most likely be the 4th, its going to be a good week!